Cop filmed punching teen with autism: "You're gonna get hurt. Don't make me hurt you more"

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My kid has ASD. I have often felt like I have to give him “the talk”. I hope it is enough. My son isn’t aggressive and is very gentle. But he’s big and his social skills are such that you can detect that he is neuro-diverse. I’m terrified that a cop will sniff that and go “Oh this is someone to be afraid of” and react to him as cops react to people they are afraid of. I’m terrified that they will abuse his lack of social understanding to get him to confess to things he didn’t do if it ever comes to arresting him. I basically really hope that my son and police never interact.

Disarm the police. Defund the police. No one should ever interact with my son when he is having a bad day that isn’t a social worker trained to deal with ASD - that isn’t a cop.


I think it is pretty clear that the motto “Protect and serve” should officially be replaced with “Don’t make me hurt you more”.


Indeed, it is the motto of Domestic Abuse; maybe someone official needs to look in to the Cop’s home situation?


My first thought as well. “Look what you made me do!”


maybe someone official needs to look in to the Cop’s home situation?

Maybe. It’s true that professional and domestic abuse often do go together.

But then, the institutional culture of policing itself instigates police violence. Seems to me that searching for such tendencies in any particular cop’s personal life is a way of focusing on individual “bad apples,” instead of on a culture that makes all cops bad apples.


Yep, you are right. It is well past time to make some Bad Apple Cider and poor it down the drain. :frowning:


ACAB, no exceptions ever


Bully: “Quit hitting yourself”

Policework is self selecting for bullies
Maybe recruit peace officers from the ranks of Social Work …


Protect & Serve, or not which is the case here. F’ing dbag LEO…


No matter what other changes are made toward defunding, no LEO department should be allowed to investigate their own assaults. A truly independent civic review needs to occur for all incidents of police violence with failure to report to the review board producing immediate dismissal from the job (for officer and supervisor if it was a supervisor’s decision not to report)


Does that police chief really have “schmutz” in his last name? Irony.



Man, now they start harassing white males on the sidewalk in a suburb. What next?

It’s almost like when we ignore bad police behavior, it enables them to do what ever the hell they want. :confused:


You might be surprised at seeing how some cops live in their own personal lives. Many have sociopathic disorders that remain hidden behind the badge, behind the so-called “blue wall”, and when out of sight, they are likely out of their minds. Around here in the 757, numerous police officers have been exposed as child abusers, wife beaters, illicit drug users, major alcoholics, and a variety of sordid lifestyles, all the while protected by the brotherhood of the blue. The irony of all this is the ones that get away with it get promoted. Only when they truly become an “embarrassment” to the badge do they get investigated, suspended, fired, demoted or get convicted of actual crimes and sent to corrections institutions does the general public becomes freed of the day to day cruelty they get away with under the guise of the badge. Internal Affairs Bureaus tend to always be pro cop, giving them the benefit of the doubt until the complaints pile up into small mountains and the department gets noticed for the payouts from the lawsuits. Since most municipalities are self insured, the taxpayers are on the hook and the risk management professionals have to delve into more and more expensive re-insurance policies that the big insurance companies will charge to underwrite the losses.(reinsurance is a very big part of the insurance industry, it’s how Warren Buffett made so much for Berkshire Hathaway)… It’s a lose lose situation that breaks the budgets of many municipalities and it forces other essential services to suffer. Schools, public utilities and other infrastructure suffer because of bad cops, whenever a substantial amount of money has to be paid out because a cop was having a “bad day”.


If he was both autistic and black he would have been dead like Elijah McClain.


Vacaville Police Department Acting Chief Ian Schmutzler


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How long before cops start beating up doorbells? At least the mom is “pro police”.

Police went to Preston’s home on Thursday and met with family members to “foster the dialogue needed to understand what happened from all points of view,” Schmutzler said.

Why didn’t you do that first?!



Except maybe…