Woman surprised to be arrested after pushing over cop


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It looks like she goofed like she thought it was something else. This is a big reason why need to remove special protections for police and limit arest power.


lolwut? She assaulted the guy. If he was just some random bystander, she could still be arrested.


White privilege


Guys, it’s Australia. The cops don’t have guns and are trained in methods that are designed to have fewer dead bodies and de-escalates situations.

They’re simply better cops. That she’s not been beaten bloody, electrocuted or shot is not white privilege in this case.


Well that would explain this


Didn’t look like the cops beat him to me. Also, those are French cops. Not Australian.


I’m not feeling too encouraged from what I see when I Google things about aboriginal/police relations.


Oh, well, that’s a whole different thing, and I don’t know Australia well enough to comment on that side of things. I do know the aboriginal people of Australia have gotten fucked over in a similar way to the Native Americans though.


I’m from New Zealand, but I’m pretty sure Australian cops carry guns routinely, and a google search confirmed this. NZ cops don’t carry guns. But either way, I think you’re right that Aus cops won’t pull them out as easily as US cops.

If Australian racing events are anything like NZ ones, this woman was drunk as fuck.


The cop didn’t have the proper body armor.


I’m mixing up all those other english speaking countries that do shit better than us in the US.


Well, there are so many of us :slight_smile:


The Melbourne Cup is held each November. This clip is over 11 months old.


looks around… confused… how could no one… how could this possibly… It’s right there… dangling… takes a deep breath

Well, obviously she considered him a pushover…


Australian cops generally carry guns and would generally be considered power drunk assholes were it not for the warping effect US cops have on the rest of the world.

No, it’s not surprising she wasn’t shot, police shootings are relatively rare, but really, that shouldn’t be anything to crow about.

The aboriginal population in Australia is completely marginalised and subject to intense police scrutiny and brutality. There have been several inquiries into aboriginal deaths in custody here, aboriginal communities live with poverty and diseases that are unheard of in most of the developed world.

It is one of a number of Australian human rights disgraces.


F*CK THE POL… no, wait, she was definitely in the wrong here. Never mind.


Her surprise happens way before she is arrested, she is surprised she pushed him over.


Melbourne Cup is where generally younger people go to get ridiculously drunk on terrible sparkling wine while wearing court-appearance suits with wraparound sunglasses or overwrought “hats” and shoes that are completely inappropriate for standing around in for 10 hours.

Usually the attendees end up vomiting, brawling or being sexually assaulted. On the other hand, it’s a public holiday so it’s got that going for it.


Well at least they plan ahead!