Actual police reports dramatically read by Port Townsend residents

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My friend Owen did a wonderful comic several years ago called ‘Police Log’ that was based on the police logs of Carmel, CA. Here’s an article with some of the comics as well:


PT is a wonderful little town. It has a nice little cinema and a great downtown hotel that was a brothel.

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And here I had only known of Port Townsend as the home of Loompanics.

“was” currently, or “was” had been?

That was a fun video.

Compelling! The suspense is excruciating. If you see only one video of police reports this year, make it this one.

All that’s needed before each story is this:

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Definitely catch the Great Port Townsend Bay Kinetic Sculpture Race next year.

I originally read this as “Actual police reports dramatically read by Pete Townsend residents”

But I won’t be fooled again…


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