Adam Jones from Tool's gorgeous short film announcing his custom guitar

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Exceedingly pretty as all that was, I have no idea what was being ‘announced’.

A 41 year old guitar?

(Also, maybe I’ve been under a rock, but I’ve never heard of the band Tool, either.)

Tool have been around since… erm, early 90’s, at least?

Really good introspective art/prog-rock/metal, each member is somewhat of a virtuoso in their own field.

What amused me most was that it took ~3 minutes to hear any guitar in a short film announcing the release of that very thing.

The VFX is really well done though, as expected - their videos have always been outstanding.


Yeah, I googled that. And many other bands too, I expect, that have barely made an impression on the public-at-large’s radars.

Nice video, though, I agree.

I don’t know whether I should be 'ok boomer’ing or 'get off my lawn ya zoomer’ing this comment. :sweat_smile:

Without the snark, I mean that Tool now falls into the middle ground of bands where you might be too old to know of them, but also maybe too young to have heard of them. I guess what I’m really saying is I’m getting old.


And possibly also too American?

So maybe I’m too British to have heard of them. Have they had much impact outside USA?

In very Metal-Friendly countries like Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland I am sure they are well known.

Useful infographic: Metal bands per capita

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Fascinating graphic. I’ll wait for the rise of African metal.


40 year old Brit here, it really depends on your musical tastes I suppose.

Those who grew up with Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, NIN etc will likely have heard of them, and almost undoubtedly will respect them, even if they’re not always an easy favourite for a lot of people (though some “Tool fans” can be a bit… die hard).

I’m mainly into electronica and metal, but I do consider myself a bit of a muso, I like to think I at least know of bands, if I haven’t heard their music.

Also see “A Perfect Circle” and “Puscifer” for further Tool related entertainment.

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I would describe Tool as a dark progressive rock band more than metal, but I could easily see how “metal” is a fine description as well. Their visual imagery is intentionally off-putting but the music is rigidly composed, laced with polyrhythmic sections, long songs, and powerful performances all around. If that sounds like your jam, enjoy.

I stopped listening to them like 15 years ago but not because they put out bad stuff, more just shifting interests.

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Wow, I was expecting ore Boing Boing readers to be familiar with Tool and their work. They are one of those metal bands that never makes a bad album. Still crazy that anyone is buying a $10K guitar. This Silverburst model was only made for a few years back in 1979. The Tool guitarist only plays this model. They are hard to find.

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Only about a month late the guitars are all sold out now. Well Tool rocks so I’ll allow it.

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This is exactly me.

Started listening to Alternative/Grundge and slowly expanded outwards, Tool were definitely on the periphery of my tastes, not my favs, but still listen once in a while. Though to be honest most likely my first experience of them would have been their music videos - I mean how could an angsty teen resist this…

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Also: Green Jello

I remember “The Three Little Pigs” from MTV in the 90’s, but I had no idea they were tied to Tool…

Wow bad edit. Sorry… I meant to say

That the statement also coincides with their release “schedule”

Tool isn’t prolific insomuch as they’re a motif (a slow one at that)

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