Adam Savage builds a steampunk rickshaw to be pulled by a Boston Dynamics robot

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Adam is having fun…by doing PR for the arms industry.

Not a wonderful thing.


Have they actually built anything for the arms industry other than pitching BigDog to the military (which the Marine Corps ultimately rejected anyway)?

True, they used DARPA money to get off the ground but the same could be said for the internet.


The answer to that low torque dog is STEAM!


Does the whip (to make the dog run faster) use Bluetooth?


When the robots take over, Adam has now earned a spot at the top of their list for reprisals…

But this is pretty damn cool, even so.


I STILL want to get two of them, strap one to each foot and make the most badass Off Road skates, ever… :slight_smile:


If we are going to continue the development of these devices, we need to impanel ethics boards to establish guidelines for production and use before they drive us into caves. Mostly because these things just creep me the hell out. This can be going nowhere good.

Not exactly (by which I mean not even remotely) a rickshaw (which by definition is moved by a person)* as a gig carriage or small sprung cart. Still, pretty fun and only slightly creepy.

*I mean, it’s in the (full, actual) name - “jinrikisha” - “human powered vehicle.” If it were a humanoid robot, you could extend the definition to call it a rickshaw, but not with a quadruped bot.


well of COURSE he did. this is very on-brand for adam, haha.

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FireWire might be faster/more effective.
Especially connected to an old Mac with Cyberdog.

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A kenrikisha would be dog-powered, rather than jin (human) powered. Some non-robot attempts here:犬力車&rlz=1C1GCEU_jaJP841JP841&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=S05tx-yT5K8vtM%3A%2Cpxn7XjCib_0CGM%2C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kTz4k7jKkYNqWHCQGKoLEdJDJKb4w&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjMnuiK7M_nAhVWUd4KHRAYBTEQ9QEwBHoECAkQDQ#imgrc=S05tx-yT5K8vtM:
(messy link - sorry).


Boston Dynamics [. . .] have loaned Adam Savage a Spot robot

I believe the expression is, they spotted him a robot.


I was surprised that the code in the appliance as delivered didn’t account for any kind of a load.


I built a rickshaw in college out of a patio loveseat and a chopped up wheelchair. I made beer money from it, and it was a good workout.


Or rather did they not loan him a Spotnik?

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It’s a little bit annoying when he pretends he’s talking to the robot instead of to the man off camera holding the controller. No need to gild the lily.

The whole time I’m watching the video, I’m like, “why didn’t you just use a tow hitch from the auto parts store? Also, what’s with the clamps? You can’t take the time to bolt that shit together?”

He’ll be in trouble when that rat-thing goes supersonic and brings the noise.

Once he installs a rear-view mirror, he’ll be able to see Sarah Connor coming for him.

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