Adidas-clad Christian men awkwardly (and hilariously) rap about the Bible


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So cool they got Harrison Ford to do the intro!


I puked in my mouth on that one…


Okay . . . you had me at “homoerotic,” and I was not disappointed with the licking. But –

Parody, or Poe’s law? I mean, they implied a dirty word, and rapped about Sodom . . . that doesn’t seem . . . likely? Then again, I’m hella pagan yo, in da tizzemple. Wut.


Check out who won the Grammy award for the best Gospel album this year. It was a rapper! His name is Lecrae. great music btw


Hilariously the nimrod in the black beret advises that these are “sucker mc’s” rapping at us about the judeo-christian mythology. And one of the Sucker M.C.'s is wearing a RUN DMC shirt…

“An MC or M.C. is an abbreviation for Master of Ceremonies, a reference to rappers who controlled the microphones. Sucker is a derogatory street term for someone who believes he has skills, but who does not deriving from the common slang term sucker relating to one who is gullible.”


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