Adorable bird gets adorable Q-tip massage


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That bird is a real cutie :smiley:



The trust this bird has in its owner is obvious. I’ve never seen this small a bird be so affectionate/hand tame.


I found a baby mejiro on the ground under a tree once. It was the exact size and color and shape of a jumbo cocktail olive. Tempting as it was to pick it up and try to raise it, I elected to leave it and hope its mother came back for it.


Whew thanks! I needed that after watching that Santa Monica awfulness.


These adorable little birbs like to hang outside my bedroom window. I think they see their reflection and attack it. Still adorable. They also like to drink nectar from the flowers on my aloe plants. I had no clue people keep them as pets.


Fun fact: if you caress the throat of a lizard in the right way (usually while it’s on its back), it becomes paralysed for a short time.

As any chicken.
And this poor white-eye.

I dare you to try this on a T. rex as soon as Jurassic Park opens.


I triple-dog dare you to go first :exclamation:



So Tweet! ( Sorry, I had to say it…)


No need to dare, come to think.

Hand me the Q-tips.

#IAmABiologist, and I have plenty of #fieldworkfail experience.


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