Adventures in racism at the supermarket checkout

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Wow! What the fuck is wrong with people?


You don’t have to let it define you— you just have to accept that racism often works through us, messing with our heads, to make us stupid. It blinds the best of us to the things we do in its service.

Exactly. Just as men will do sexist things sometimes unless they think through their social conditioning (and even then, they’ll do sexist things sometimes), so white people will be racist sometimes. Which is not to say that “all white people are racists!” But it is to say that in a de facto white supremacist social order, white people who interact with people of color are sometimes likely to do some racist shit.

And yeah, they’ll often say ahead of time, as the OP points out, “I hate to say this, but” (which equals the sure warning sign that something racist is coming right up, “I’m not a racist, but”).


What a dick move. First card, well maybe something with the card, 2 in a row should be manager and apology, period.


PIN number


I’m not a racist – of course I’m not!! – but I can’t help but think “there but for the grace of God go I”. In the cashier’s shoes, if I permit myself some uncomfortable introspection, I may well have reacted the same way. Of course, if I’d been behind these customers watching this scene play out, I probably wouldn’t have hesitated to just tell the cashier to ring my stuff up with theirs and I’ll just pay for it all. As if those dual reactions change a damn thing.

Racism is tricky, but the word is tricky too. We’re all ‘racist’ to some extent. Some are racist enough to end up on the evening news. Some of them are even gifted enough to run for president (looking at you, D. Trump). But we do injustice to the term by slinging it with abandon at the slightest provocation. Back in the day, racists played out in the open and that made it fun for a decade or two. They were easy pickings, like the sitting ducks at the carnival. Now everybody’s a “racist”, and the term means less.

Sigh. Language – can’t live with it, can’t make galumph haroo wintary blxis.


Bigger question is WTF is the store’s POS system doing to mess up the PINs?

Not a place I would be trusting my debit card purchases that’s for sure.

FWIW - Anybody who uses debit over credit is a fool anyway

except the two women in the story were using EBT cards, which are I think by default debit cards.


Because PI Number is just not as fun to type


Takes hours.


I have experienced some card swipe machines where the touch screen calibration is shifted enough that it reads the button next to the one you think you pushed. You can usually catch it if you watch the depression animation closely enough, but we are used to inputting these so quickly it’s easy to miss.


Glerme wasud!


It wasn’t only racist, I’m getting vibes of classist as well. Lots of people think people who live in poverty and require assistance are lazy and stupid and everything is always their fault. Conversly if you look like Ms SUV with a credit card, then the customer is always right.


Can you elaborate on why someone using debit is a fool?


And I’ll second thralg norblx, ahmi gazonimplatz?

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Yes, PIN numbers are used alot at ATM machines.



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It’s not the “I hate to say it,” that is racist, it’s the “but people like that …"


Indeed, this bothered me.

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