Affluenza teen and mother granted temporary stay against deportation

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Don’t we have a special forces group that could go in and grab him?


Dog the bounty hunter?


The Mexican border isn’t usually a barrier to the Texas Rangers


It’s just a matter of time until they’re sent back. Until then they can stress out. Hopefully somebody is keeping an eye on them.

Wait they ASKED to stay in Mexican prison instead of going back to Texas? Boy if I was that Texas state prosecutor, I’d be SLOOOOOW walking my response to this…You know, what with the holidays they may have to wait a few weeks before the extradition paperwork is finished…


As a spoiled 16-y-o, he kills four people and the Texas justice system failed to give the victims’ families closure. Somewhere between his original sentence and the need for Texas to impose a death penalty on less “affluent” criminals would have been the correct call.

I thought I heard on the news that, in the end, he may not get very much time in jail–maybe a year? His mother, however, is looking at 2 to 10. Anyone think that she may get the entire 10 years? After all, she’s the reason he suffers from “affluenza.”


Oh, he is going to have sooooooooo many “friends” in prison…


Somebody please tell me that Mexican humorists and/or populist demagogues are having a field day right now with jokes about the criminality and depraved character of illegal American immigrants. Please?


He got 10 years probation. It’s not uncommon in situations where probation is broken for that sentence to turn into real time served. Here’s hoping he get 8 years inside!


They need some kind of wall, and the Americans should be made to pay for it.


I suspect that Mexican prison for a rich person is substantially different than Mexican prison for a poor person.


I was wondering whether they have a “nice” jail for touristas…That said, I’m not sure that money is the main factor in getting “super easy time” in Mexican prisons… the ability to threaten the families of the guards is probably as important.

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Yeah, fuck the sovereignty of a state just so you can let the rich kid walk (again) anyway, you know, because he’s rich. #whitelogic

They’re not in a Mexican prison, they’re with immigration services.

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