Affluenza teen's dad convicted of pretending to be officer


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It’s good that this entire family has learned a lesson about actions and consequences. Namely, if you’re rich, there are none.


These garbage people with money are the poster family for the next Presidential administration.


Trump is getting ready to make this dipshit head of the TSA.


And here’s the next undersecretary for education policy. Must have met her when he was in the beauty pageant business.

–That’s a joke, people…


OMG affluenza is heritable, sad!


I’m feeling a sudden case of affluenza… oh, wait, no. I’m not rich enough.


I’m totally shocked!

No I’m not. What’s the word I’m looking for? It means the opposite of shocked.




Oh shit! I left all my police stuff at the police house! Ill be back in a jiffy fellow police guy.


…and justice for all.

(…that can afford it)


When exactly did the world become a comically cynical black comedy so dark that not even light itself can escape?


Maybe the Mayan doomsday thing actually happened, but the evil bizarro world got spun off in some kind of Hail Mary to save everything, and that is us, in our alt-reality. Meanwhile, because we are not supposed to be here at all, everything becomes increasingly evil and bizarre, until we finally self destruct out of hubris and stupidity. With the infection out of the way, the planet writes off mammals completely and decides to try again with Cephalopods.

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