After 3rd grader at Texas elementary school finds gun in bathroom, superintendent resigns

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Although it took three weeks, I’m still pleasantly surprised that this “responsible gun owner” in Texas actually resigned.

[My guess for the stale ammosexual talking point in this topic: “one bad apple (unlike me)”. ETA: maybe a little technical wanking about holsters, too.]


Given his earlier, nonchalant, “There was never any danger except the obvious”, this resignation may not be completely voluntary.

Open carrying in an elementary school is fine, but you need to at least pretend to be concerned about leaving guns lying around in bathrooms /S :roll_eyes: :rage:

ETA: This is the same one, right? It doesn’t feel like it was 3 weeks ago and these days this could happen twice in 3 weeks

ETA again: sometimes I forget that there are actual people that actually espouse the very worst opinions and I forgot to underscore the extreme sarcasm intended in the second paragraph.


Love the parent defending the super; "Hey!, I leave loaded weapons unattended around children all the time! “WHO AMONG YOU…”

Me, that’s who, along with most people.


I’m not sure open carrying in an elementary school is fine… but “There was never any danger except the obvious” has to be the lamest excuse ever uttered.

I mean… that what danger could that possibly be? It only had 10 rounds. That would be less than a dozen dead kids so what’s the worry.


Kid: How would I know if it’s a real gun? I’m a kid.
Teacher: Just point it at the ceiling and pull the trigger a few times. Geez, do I have to think of everything?


Meanwhile in neighboring Albany, Texas a police officer was fired after a student at Albany High School found drugs in his locker the morning after law enforcement conducted a police dog training exercise in the building. Albany ISD claims these drugs were left by officers after the training.



“How many of your kids have access to guns in your own home? A bunch of you, including mine. I think it’s a mistake and I think that you pointing fingers at him for doing something like this is wrong,” a parent said to the crowd.

Wait, does Texas have no laws covering the storage of guns when children are present? No… of course they don’t. (Adults are just liable if something happens.) I was thinking this guy shouldn’t just resign, but be charged - but it seems like there might not be an applicable law. Shit, even so, the idea that it’s wrong to be mad at a superintendent because he left a loaded weapon where random small children would find it…

“There was never a danger other than the obvious,” Stuteville claimed.

The absolute fuckery on display here. The obvious danger is that a child would hurt or kill themselves and/or another person. Or multiple people. That’s a pretty fucking big obvious danger to just dismiss - there’s really nothing bigger. But the added absurdity of claiming that non-obvious dangers didn’t exist? That’s not even true. There’s lots of conceivable less-obvious dangers (e.g. that a child would find the gun, take it home and it would end up in the hands of criminals) that are by no means excluded from this situation. That asshole just really, really wanted to say “there was never a danger,” when obviously there was.


They should have stopped there. I hope they are in their own insurance pool.


Texas being Texas, I suspect the law actually prevents them from being charged more on insurance for having unsecured guns… there aren’t any other consequences, until a kid shoots someone with the gun.


“So this type of thing is totally normal and expected. Heck, my kid found 3 guns and an assault rifle in the sandbox at our local playground just the other day and you don’t see me whining about it.”


Police officer expelled after student finds drugs in locker?

That seems backwards, but I’m not complaining!


WTF are you saying??? It is not, in any way, shape or form, fine! Leaving it lying around is just a given. It will, predictably, happen. And it will not always result in responsible kids turning the errant firearm over to the proper authorities. No, not fine at all. If you have never cared for a kid who has been the victim of a firearm, you have no idea just how not fine it is.


Oh God no! It’s not at all. I should have put /s on that!!!

So much sarcasm!

Thank you for pointing out that it was misinterpretable!


That asshole needs a visit from CPS


When I left Texas CPS was a broke-ass mess and had been for decades, I expect it’s not the same yet I doubt it is much improved.

Firearms left out might only trigger a visit to a family that is also POC, but only really because they’re POC, not the firearm. The good aspects of CPS & CPS personnel I would expect to have to focus on the most severe and acute situations while letting the lion’s share slide. That how it was when I left.


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