After 8 years of archiving, the Library of Congress will stop ingesting the Twitter firehose

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But they’re still doing 45, right?
I kinda’ think that they have to do 45. At any time something the shit-gibbon tweets may become the most important moment ever.
Not to be a downer or anything.


Honest Headline:

“Library of Congress Confirms Twitter is Mostly Worthless.”


Have they discovered yet that not all of Reddit is equally newsworthy?


I say T’s tweeted excreta should be saved for the lawyers.


Maybe the LoC has recognized Twitter as being part of the Internet of Shit.

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Yeah, I think it would make sense for them to archive tweets by the president, sitting congresspeople, and other official departments and department heads, while ignoring the rest.


Well I mean consider most of twitter’s content is either adverts or porn it’s not much of a loss (I should I know, I do the porn retweets, heh).

trump did this so he can’t be sued for 2 AM treason tweets.

Well, if anything incriminating shows up in a tweet, you can bet the admin will claim it is some rogue lawyer that posted it using the prez account.

Also, we can always get a copy from the NSA if we decide we really want twitterage in the LOC.

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Trump has a ready crowd for such consumption.

Those darn congresspeople, always sitting… can’t stand for nothin’.

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