Twitter says it won't remove Trump tweets on deceased former Joe Scarborough staffer Lori Klausutis

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It is soul-destroying that this buffoon’s obscene behaviour is allowed to go unchallenged , yet again. His vindictiveness is boundless. It’s a truly horrifying period of American history. The thought of him being relected is a nightmare.


Cause they are afriad of losing their jobs and benefits if Trump decides to Nationalize the Company. Who is going to stop him? The Republicans? SCOTUS?


No, they shouldn’t be removed. They’re part of the historical record that show what a AHOLE this president is.


The impeached and manifestly unfit President of the United States said in response to a question about the husband of the “murdered” woman telling him and the world they’d already got to the bottom of it, it was a tragic accident and not suspicious at all, while begging him to stop making up bullshit about her because it’s hurting her loved ones.


That’s the hardest part about watching this happen. Because it’s history unfolding in realtime, it has to be preserved until the record is written and established in a historical sense. Removing it now would amount to whitewashing this particular president, and we cannot afford for that to happen. If removal was a thing, he and his ilk would be free to post even more outrageously awful things, knowing that they’d be seen sufficiently to energize the deplorables but then removed fast enough that they could then deny they’d ever said such a thing by the time the media got around to trying to call him/them to account. Guarantee.


Would you be willing to tell Ms. Klausutis’ widower that to his face?

Removing the tweet doesn’t mean we need to forget he said it.


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