After Freddie Grey, Baltimore police take a tentative step away from lethal force

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So now we’ll be protesting police cripplings?

Edit: What next, Black Legs Matter?


A new use-of-force policy from the Baltimore Police Department requires its officers to de-escalate violent situations

You mean like police officers all across the nation do daily for perps who just happen to look a certain way?

Yeah, that would be nice.


God, I hope those quote marks weren’t in the original.


The new policy [PDF] starts with:

  1. Sanctity of Human Life. The policy of the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) is to value and preserve human life in all situations.
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It’s certainly a step in the right direction. At one time it used to be legal in the US to shoot fleeing unarmed suspects in the back.

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O snap! You say “sanctity of life,” Republicans cannot possibly argue against you! It’s like rhetorical Kryptonite!

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Tell that to the prisoners on Death Row.


So they declare to do what their job is all along? Marvelous.

Baby steps

The policy requires officers to report colleagues who use inappropriate force.



“doesn’t require calling a medic” (paraphrased)

Isn’t there a good samaritan clause somewhere in ever state constitution that requires people to provide medical aid to those in need, as long as doing so doesn’t put them at risk of personal harm.

If not, there should be.

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