After skipping climate conference, Gavin Newsom attends oil heiress' wedding. Nancy Pelosi officiated.

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Establishment Dems like Newsom and Pelosi can’t help taking every opportunity to rub it in our faces who they really serve. Yes, Larry Elder and the rest of the death cultists on the other side of the duopoly are worse than them, but their enabling this kind of display only encourages guillotine blade sharpening most of us would rather avoid.


unselfware Democrats are cooperating in unwittingly handing power over to loony republicans like trump.


it’s worth noting that he didn’t attend the climate conference because his kids begged him to stay home and take them trick or treating for halloween (since they missed it last year), and that the wedding in question was scheduled to take place after he had returned from the conference anyway. it’s not like he skipped the conference to attend an opulent wedding, which is what the BB header implies.


Peasants can eat cake, no?


He would have been pilloried for going to the conference in a jet. Any jet. And to Franko’s point (thank you), so much overlooked in the coverage of why he did not go to Glasgow. It wasn’t just to go to a lavish wedding.
Fame. Who needs it?


Oh Nice! Let’s circle the Democrat wagons and start shooting each other.

All Aboard!


Why is it okay for Gavin Newsom, who is the governor of a state with the 5th largest economy in the world, meaning that it has a large impact on climate change, to skip going to this to take his kids trick or treating, when we all (rightfully) called out Ted Cruz for “taking his daughters to cancun” because they demanded it, while his fellow Texans suffered in a snow storm? Why is Newsom skipping this any more acceptable because his kids wanted to go trick or treating? He wanted to be governor and has a responsibility to the people of California, many of whom are becoming climate refugees each summer from wildfires… I’m sure they’d all LOVE to stay home and take their kids trick or treating, but you know… they don’t have a home any more…


This guy is shooting himself in the foot again and again. Just ignoring it when politicians on “our team” are doing stupid stuff doesn’t help. The Clintons never should have attended Trump’s wedding either.

Newsom is correct on policy more often than not, so he obviously makes a better governor than any of the GOP alternatives. But he’s also a deeply cynical politician who has repeatedly demonstrated a lack of core principles on certain issues (see below) and profoundly poor judgment in some areas. (He married Kimberly Guilfoyle, for goodness sakes!). We should never shy away from honest conversations about our political leaders, regardless of party. Better to get a good idea of who the guy is now than after he’s already snagged the party’s nomination for President.


I appreciate the point you’re making, and it’s good that you’ve put it here, but my immediate reaction was: Is he a single parent of toddlers? His kids CAN go trick-or-treating without him.

But I totally agree with you that attending that particular wedding is Standard Operating Procedure for an elected official of his stature (and Pelosi’s). We can decry the opulence of the wedding as its own problem, and the fact that high-net-worth donors are so crucial to the political process these days, but we can’t be at all surprised he went.


There’s a case to be made that he should have just attended the climate change conference virtually anyway since jetting a bunch of VIPs around the world just so they can be in the same physical location to bemoan carbon emissions is needlessly wasteful in itself. The optics still suck though.


The optics and timing are still very bad, though. All we’re seeing is the governor of the 5th-largest economy on the planet indulging his children (who will be spared the worst effects of the climate emergency) and then attending a wasteful display of wealth while other world leaders are in Glasgow trying to figure out ways to make more sustainable future for everyone’s kids.

That’s true, but it’s a BS talking point the right wing has been rolling out since Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” book tour. That’s not really the issue here.


honestly, i don’t know – that was just context i heard elsewhere that wasn’t mentioned here. i’m not a parent, and i don’t know how old his kids are, but i can imagine that his job must keep him away from them a lot, and after not having halloween last year i could see the pressure being on him to go with them this year, and he (i think) made a good decision to stay home and make some good memories for his kids rather than miss another halloween to fly to Scotland to be a (probably minor) presence there.


Tangentially related:

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Sure. So should everyone have done, though.

Sure. No argument there… also, global pandemic!


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