After Texas mosque burned, Jews gave Muslims keys to synagogue


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I love this.


I am jewish, and I am proud to hear this.


A story about people helping each other in the wake of a terrible crime is exactly what we need right now.


Good people still exist in America.


Ditto. Tikkun Olam ftw!


Does this kind of thing ever get brought up by the hate-mongers on the right? Like, will Michael Savage or Laura Ingraham call them a bunch of “self-hating Jews” now? Or will they just ignore it lest they give it publicity?


Self-hating Jews are the Kapos who sell all of us out to Trump and his ilk in the hope of keeping their own skins–and, yes, I include his son-in-law in that category.

As for what they’ll do, I have no idea, but, honestly, I don’t care. This was an act of kindness and tzedakkah that needed to be done regardless of what the right-wing bigots (but I repeat myself) will do in reaction.


You can shame them into caring about it. That always works. :neutral_face:

“95% of you won’t share this…”


Meanwhile, Christians have given Muslims the keys to their most sacred site - the Church of the Holy Sepulchre where Jesus was buried and resurrected. I’m not joking.

They did it because the Christians literally could not stop fighting at their Church. I mean real, physical brawls.


Incredibly classy move. I only hope the arsonists don’t go after the synagogue now.


This is what makes America great.


I’m sure that it was already on the list.


Truly a mitzvah (as much as a non-Jew can understand it).


Yet another flower blooms.


But that’s the thing: This wasn’t done by Real Americans ™. This was done by Jews, following Jewish beliefs. We (as Jews) aren’t Americans–or, at least, not Real Americans ™. We’re Jewish-Americans, and, if history is any indication or lesson, we’re all about to have to pack up and run for it again, and lose that hyphenation. In all of Diasporic history, the US has been the only non-Jewish nation to never expel, slaughter, and/or forcibly convert its Jewish population (although we have been expelled from regions of the US), and, well, the general belief among the Jewish-American population at the moment (aside from the truly deluded Kapos) is that the USA will turn out to not have been an exception after all.


History is not my best subject, but I don’t remember hearing of Canada doing any of those things.

Admittedly, we’ve done other horrible things, but I’m not sure if that’s the event that you’re referring to.


Canada’s full sovereignty from the UK is still within living memory, and Britain has been no friend to the Jews in its history. Since then, Canada’s still a bit too ‘new’ to have set a pattern going, but… well… prior to the 1850s, Jews were forbidden to hold office in Canada, and Ezekiel Hart, Canada’s first Jewish parliamentarian, was removed from office on grounds of his religion in 1807, shortly after election. Admittedly, Canada’s been fairly progressive, but, on its own, it’s still probably only a matter of time.


My dad moved to the states because there was an over-filled quota for Jewish general surgery residents in ALL of Canada. He wanted to move to Edmonton, back when it was practically a village. They would not have him.


I still have hope that I was not unrealistically optimistic when I told my neighbors that I was sure we are too deep in the northeast for them to worry about that… but I suppose that in itself was an admission that what you fear may come to pass in other parts of the US.