Afterbrexit: Chief xenophobe Boris Johnson now Foreign Secretary; Goldman-Sachs hires Barroso

Boris Johnson becoming foreign minister? I am so looking forward to his first visit to Turkey!

There was a young fellow from Ankara,
Who was a terrific wankerer.
Till he sowed his wild oats,
With the help of a goat,
But he didn’t even stop to thankera.

Hope Erdogan responds as usual and locks him up.


I’m concerned on the racism bit. Johnson, Farage & Co unleashed some uncontrollable forces. None of them should be in government.

A Mexican friend of mine was told they’d be going home soon. They explained that Mexico and the U.K. have nothing to do with the EU. The antagoniser responded (in that desperately stupid way I’ve only ever seen dim-witted truculents employ, and only ever in England) that they would “still be going home”.



That was one of the few things he did I ever respected actually.


I appreciate the action as well, but it also kinda disqualifies him for the job.

Like a lifetime ban, perhaps. Restore the age of the ‘one life, one career’?

I thought that a bit harsh, but realised you may be right. A lifetime ban would not stop you securing your offspring’s future. Some of these rich families really do play the long game.

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Just to recap: the Brexit vote was in large part driven by the (correct) perception on the part of the disaffected working class in the UK that the entire EU project was a neoliberal exercise in transferring power to the forces of finance capitalism.

I thought it was just xenophobia combined with the tabloids sending a clear message that “WE are going to take control of OUR country back”. I don’t think that the voters realised that “WE” and “OUR” referred to the Etonians and not the British.


I am sitting in the office at work, in London. One by one, people are turning up this morning, turning on their computers, and crying - often in falsetto- “What! Fuck! They can’t have! Have you seen the news about Boris Johnson?”.

To which the others reply “Yeah. Yeah. Foreign Secretary”.

“But Boris! Public relations with other countries! How could they?”.

“Dunno man. Its a mystery to us all”.

And then someone else comes in, and the cycle begins anew. There: a little snapshot of Modern Britain for you.


Oh you may laugh 'muricans, but this level of trolling the entire world has been seen before: Bush appointed Bolton as ambassador to the UN.

I mean that was actually a nastier insult directed at everyone else in the entire world than this.


If he hadn’t been a member of the British establishment and insulated by connections, power and wealth from any consequences he might have deserved some respect.
As it is, just Bullingdon behaviour; rich yobbism.

[quote=“politeruin, post:14, topic:81426”] cited tweet
NEXT FEW MONTHS AT LEAST: Watch Boris the fucking racist Bertie Wooster learn, laugh and grow as he bumblewhoopsies around the world.

Bertie Wooster is not a racist. If you read the books you discover that he has a low opinion of the House of Lords, doesn’t think much of the politically ambitious, and despite being a seeming idiot has more sense than his friends - as Wodehouse himself pointed out. The joke, in effect, is that Bertie is often Robin to Jeeves’s Batman, helping Jeeves deal with people’s problems.
If Boris Johnson had made it into a Wodehouse book, Jeeves and Bertie would have had him sunk in mud, up a tree hiding from a cat, or having to grovel after making false accusations.

[edit - yes, @Beanolini, I was thinking of Lord Spode [correction: Lord Sidcup, though Bertie at one point calls him Lord Spodecup], referenced in my last clause. But he’s not the only one.]


See the benefits of a gun ban?


I agree that quote is just plain wrong.

The working class believed their jobs and money was being taken by foreigners.
And the EU has way more social conscience and policies than the Tories. The reason the poor east European countries are being bought into the wealthy EU was not just to make money from them but to spread and even wealth about.
The EU funding for impoverished areas will absolutely not be replaced by the Tories.

The poor will be the poor whatever happens unless the rich stop being rich.

The EU is/was a neo-liberal exercise (free market) that balances much social/ human rights (human freedom/liberty) exercises too. The fact that it wasn’t democratic/transparent enough was its downfall.


Nor will the tories replace the EU funding for research which Britain relies on, lots of people are wondering how they are going to be funded, the answer is “private investment”.

So there goes basic science…

To be fair on the EU Britain’s main political parties are really giving it a lesson in non-transparency and lack of commitment to democracy at the moment…


Both Cornwall and the Welsh Valleys voted to leave; despite relying on EU subsidies for important services. Like you, I can’t see the Tories picking up the torch of social inclusion.

it has already begun, UK scientists have problems to be part of European groups applying for research grants

UK scientists dropped from EU projects because of post-Brexit funding fears

(I think I posted this somewhere here already, sorry for the redundancy)


Mostly true, but that misses out one major part.

Whilst the EU is currently sadly a bit on the neoliberal side, it’s been consistently far more moderate than the extremists in the UK Tory party.
The Tories continually battled with the EU to make it more neoliberal, the EU did it’s best to knock off the worst excesses of the extreme neoliberal Tory parties impacts on UK citizens.


I voted “Stay” primarily for the protection the EU offered against UK Gov; particularly now that Labour (with the loss of Scottish seats and upcoming boundary changes), seems unlikely to oust the Conservatives at the next election.



Still, at least Sarah Vine can get back to her column now. The next one should be good.

Nicky Morgan, too. But Hunt’s still in a job.

A bit?!

Let’s ask the average Greek citizen about that.

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And Crabb’s taken the traditional way out for Family Values politicians.

Is Leadsom minister for children yet?

Does May know how slim her majority is? She’s going to be pissing off a lot of MPs.


Let it be known that many, many of us in the UK are antagonised by this move too.