Aggressive Roy Moore staffers shove and manhandle Fox News camera crew


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feeling kinda conflicted here…


Faux News has journalists?


Sadly there are a lot of fundies who will vote for Moore because they actually believe that thumping Bibles is more effective than birth control for preventing abortions.


More than a few of them think birth control is abortion.


After the last couple of months I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them think celibacy is abortion


You mean they think that all women should be like Tribbles; born pregnant?

*shudderz at the thought


Welcome to the Quiverfull Movement.


Fucking loons.


You know, it’s like those fox news people never realize that they are supporting people who want to eliminate their field of employ.


“You know things are ugly in the Roy Moore camp when they start shoving journalists from Fox News, of all outlets.”

I don’t think that the “bruisers” knew that they were dealing with Fox News.


Oh, I’ve heard of them.

They can all go copulate themselves with that unsustainable-ass ideology.


Fake News.


They don’t care what network they were from. Trump and his ilk have been using Fox News, Breitbart, and other conservative news outlets, but the truth is, they would like to see all private news sources die, to be replaced by Trump News, or similar.


I hate when bad things happen to Fox Comedy News Channel.



/me takes image, adds to “Snark” in OneNote.


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