Aircraft that looks like ass has crashed


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Oh, the irony.


Exactly. I think the only issue was when it crashed…


Oh, you!


It turns out that giant gasbags are hard to control.*


  • Trump 2016!


C’mon, it was just making a sarcastic landing…


hashtag #asscrash


Paging Chuck Tingle… Chuck Tingle, duty calls on line 1…


Jane’s Defence says your fat!
Well I ain’t down with that.



Other than that how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?


Oh no! I really love lighter-than-air stuff and I was desperately hoping that this was going to be the future. The carbon footprint of planes is just horrible. Imagine if you didn’t have to expend all that fossil-fuel energy just to stay up?


Reminds me of this:


As aircraft crash landings go, that one looked relatively non-terrifying. More of this kind, less of the other kinds, I say.


I mean, that is the least exciting crash ever.


Oh the humanity!


Let’s be clear. It’s the longest aircraft currently operating.

The Hindenburg was approximately 2.5x longer.


’Cause yr wings are small and yr envelope’s ample
and I’m thinkin’ ’bout dimples


The comments on that video are golden. It’s half newspapers asking to use the footage in return for ‘full credit’ and half commenters taking the piss out of them for trying to offer what is the video maker’s right as compensation.

The Telegraph have added a £50 sweetener to their request so hopefully a bidding war will break out between The Guardian, The Daily Mirror and The Sun :smiley:


Nah, this is smaller. Oh the fieldmousity, perhaps?