Airport security officer was alleged war criminal, arrested for lying about participation in "genocidal acts" (UPDATED)


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I’d love to see what his job application and resume looks like.


I’m wondering if he has a LinkedIn profile. I’d check, but frankly I’m afraid to.


I dunno, seems like a good fit.


Right? “Experience treating people like cattle? Check.”


Exactly. I’m sure his past “work experience” was probably fully disclosed by him and considered to be relevant to his hiring.


The GOP’ers should welcome him with open arms.


Who knew cutting government budgets might have unintended consequences?


Check that uniform, that isn’t TSA. They wear blue shirts and black pants. And aren’t called Master Security and wear white shirts (anymore). Should read the CNN article and edit this one. Still crazy this guy gets access at an international airport.


You need to fix the hed. He works for Master Security, contracted by the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority not the TSA, as a security guard. He is not a Federal Employee.


Cut their budgets and shut them down. We don’t need them. It was a farce from the start.


Legitimate question: Is shallow mass graves or mass graves a serious crime?
I thought it was killing people that was the crime, the method of disposal is just something that we mention for the novelty of revulsion.

I know of several incidents of mass graves that were very sad, but very legal and didn’t involve war crimes.


He sounds atypically competent and highly motivated, with a strong background in heavy handed security operations. Clearly overqualified for the job.


Thank you! I’ve fixed it.


Is there like any kind of warrant from the International War Crimes Tribunal for this guy’s arrest and deportation? Or don’t we acknowledge that sort of thing because Dick Cheney?


Close. There’s still one reference to him working for “TSA” in the post.

Mr Ali was working for the TSA under his own name.


I would like to like this 1M times! Maybe he and dear old Dick could have a shoot-off?


Surely improper disposal of a body is a crime?


I have always wondered, are these third-party contractors technically working for the TSA? Or directly under DHS?
Or do they only work for the airport and thereby fulfill a checkbox on some DHS requirements-for-being-an-airport form?


Not the first time an US government agency hires (or is headed by) a torturer or war-criminal. Why the fuss?