Ajit Pai made Elizabeth Pierce his "broadband advisor," and now she's been arrested for a $250,000,000 fraud


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⊥rump pardon in


On behalf of all super-queers everywhere, I’d like @doctorow to consider not besmirching the three-dollar denomination, perhaps a pi-dollar bill?


So an Ajit π dollar bill?

What you did there, see it I do :wink:


$250.00 bucks isn’t much of a fraud… Oh, it’s $250 Million, yeah that’s kinda bad.


I’m still adjusting to the world with no Harry Anderson and now this? Fuck this.


More here, worth a glance:


Sounds like she is a perfect fit for this administration.



Papasan, I literally cruise around my day thinking how I can better myself by emulating role models like you. Please keep up with the kind humor. And… you know… decent values, and slaying your liver and all that. :wink:


Where is the rest of the Quijntillion???


LOL so here’s a challenge – is ANYBODY in the entirety of the Trump administration NOT engaging in reckless, illegal fraud? I’m coming up short…


“Broadband advisor?” who among us wouldn’t be fit for that job? What is wrong with these people… it really is all about who you know, no?
All I can say is wow, it sure it’s refreshing to hear news of someone actually going to jail for fraud. She is behind actual bars, right?
I hate that Ajit Pai, and probably no one you’d talk to on the street has ever heard off him. He’s competently been hobbling the world and he may never be vilified for it.


Roger That! Sip, sip, sip…


The irony is that everybody wins with every personnel square on every card of Trump Administration corruption bingo, but really that means everybody actually loses too.


I’m sure Ajit Pai says he doesn’t even know who this lady is! That he’s never even spoke with her!


Well, you know how it is with imaginary numbers…


imaginary numbers are people too


Fool, you understand nothing. Who steals hundreds goes to prison. Who steals billions becomes president.


FTFY :wink:


Mueller, Rosenstein.