Alabama cops gloat over "quilt" made from cardboard signs confiscated from homeless people over Christmas

Just their way of Making America Great Again in celebration of Santa’s birthday.


While they can’t afford lawyers, perhaps there is a lawyer(s) who would file some sort of class action civil lawsuit on their behalfs (I mean in most Class actions its the lawyers that get all the money any way), and even if panhandling with a sign is illegal, how do the cops get to seize the signs? Civil forfeiture? Obviously these signs are no longer good for evidence in a trial, since the chain of evidence has been totally screwed up by these cops…

  1. Cops arrest person for panhandling
  2. Cops confiscate sign as evidence/personal property
  3. Cops cite and release panhandler
  4. Panhandler leaves without asking for sign
  5. Cops add sign to collection

This is true, and I hope it feels like walking over hot coals.


Gloating over using the power of the state to hurt disadvantaged people is never a good look, and that’s so obvious you’d imagine it would figure into officer training. But no?


That reminds me of the scene of the immigrants coming over the border in the first season of American Gods. Which reminds me, I should probably check out anything that’s come out since the end of season 1. It was really good!

I feel certain I could despise them more
However, that would require getting to know these smug shallow inbred rentacops personally, not a sacrifice worth making


That’s a course in police academy.

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and that’s why i give to the Southern Poverty Law Center, each month. i hope they sue these fuckers for all they’ve got.


Meanwhile in Kansas, a cop writes Pig on his McDonalds coffee cup and blames McDonald workers. Surveillance footage reveals the truth.

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And HERE is the main problem for me with police. In the theoretical level, I can understand the need of law-enforcing force. However, in the practical level, what we see is unjustified, sustainable, pseudo-justified abuse of power.

Luke 12:48 “But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”

A fellow I met when I lived in Key West, he lived in a van and traveled America in it and wintered in Key West until local city officials and their police put a stop to such unAmerican activity, posted a link to this article on my Facebook account. I wrote many times on my blogs about Key West homeless affairs, and I used what my friend posted on my Facebook page in this here post today:

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Ok, but if said panhandler then shows up at a trial to contest the arrest/ticket, the sign is now corrupted in the chain of evidence. When handling evidence law enforcement is SUPPOSED to bag and tag for trial. These signs were not bagged and tagged, they were made into a quilt corrupting the evidence for every case based on the signs


Obligatory: The Grand Inquisitor

Well, yeah. I’m guessing people cited for panhandling were released with a fine to pay, or failed to show up for their hearing, or both. The cops then added the sign to the collection.

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You get it. You’re just shocked by the brazen callousness.

In its majestic equality, the law forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, beg in the streets and steal loaves of bread.


Every truly decent person should be offended by this crap. OTOH, it’s Alabama, where offensive by normal standards is almost their heritage.
So. What happened these boys in blue?

I have definitely encountered plenty of people online who legitimately believe poor people should die.


Eugenicists are holding elected office now. They aren’t just on the internet or online anymore… they’ve encroached upon reality!

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Isn’t that a plank in the Libertarian platform?