Alabama Governor orders Confederate flags removed from Capitol

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good. long past time.


With all of the Confederate flags coming down, do you think they’ll stop re-running “The Dukes of Hazzard?”

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 “We have elected to cease the licensing of these product categories.”
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Are they taking suggestions for sprucing up the various other questionable confederate displays?


Your comment reminded me of the recent Auto Trader commercials from earlier this year (like this one) and how they seemed to avoid showing the roof of the General Lee.

While looking for the link for the commercials, I also found this “making of the commercial” documentary thing-a-ma-jig. It’s a little shy of 5 minutes long, and not once do you get a clear shot of the roof of the General Lee - IMHO, that has to be intentional. There are a couple of moments where you can sort of see the roof (like at the 3:51 mark), but my eyes aren’t good enough to tell if the flag is there or not.

Whether they did change the General Lee or they just controlled the camera angle carefully to avoid showing its roof, Auto Trader appears to have realized that using that flag in their advertising isn’t a good idea, even without the horrific events of last week.


I hope not. I loved that show as a kid. The flag on the car was just decoration.

Interesting that they had the actual Confederate States flag, not the more popular battle flag.

I saw that and I think they just left it an orange top. Man I love the Dukes of Hazard as a kid. I am sure I drove my other to madness running cars off ramps shouting YEEEHAAWWW! If it weren’t for that car, I would have zero attachment to that flag.


Who would have thought that the window in which you could get gay married in city hall under a confederate flag would be so short?


Not sure how to feel about the Dukes.
Cons: Good 'ole boys. Drive a car with a confederate flag. Named their car the General Lee.
Pros: Fucking with corrupt politicians and cops.
I think I can live without it.

EDIT: FWIW, Daisy Duke landed in both categories, so she made it into neither.


ftfy :wink:


They’ll be dynamited forthwith. The bulldozing of the cemeteries begins in fall.

They’ve got Uncle Jesse more worried than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.


Which one? I never saw the show.

Wikipedia has a really good article on the many confederate flags. I’ve always preferred the “bloody banner”.

Edit: and YES IT’S PAST TIME for the loser flag to leave the Alabama Capitol!


No the Alabama capital had the Confederate flat, I think the 3rd gen, with the cross and stars in the corner of a white flag with the end in red.

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Snatch them while you can. The prices on the collector market are likely to go up now.

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I hope that they burned it after they were done, symbols of hatred have no place in this world.


What can we ban next?

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There’s no ban on banners. So let’s ban banner banners, while we still can.