Alabama OKs medical marijuana

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My cynicism forces me to ask “what’s the catch?”


Now we’re looking pretty dumb here in GA, if you ask me.


You aren’t alone, Britain is looking increasingly reactionary as successive governments still insist that David Nutt was wrong with his suggested drug decriminalisation policies.


The city of Atlanta did decriminalize pot to a degree - it’s just a fine if you have more than for personal use, I think. But of course, that’s only in the city limits (which I’m outside of). The state legislature did legalize CBD a couple of years back, and now that’s literally everywhere.

But yeah, the war on drugs is always popular with the right wing, because they can claim some moral high ground and lock up as many POC as possible with bullshit charges.

Thing is, I’m not even that into pot. But it’s just the right thing to do, I think, legalization.


in texas, cbd was legalized 6 years ago and, yes, it is almost everywhere. and there have been a few efforts since then to establish a medical marijuana regime and two years ago came up with a “compassionate use” class but it was only for people with seizure disorders and only allowed for products with less than 0.5% thc. out of an estimated 200,000 people who might have qualified a whopping 2,300 got permission to do so. coupled with the difficulty of finding anything with 0.49% or less thc this was all counted as a success! a highly qualified success but success nonetheless.

i’m an optimist but that was a fantasy world.

this legislative session there was an attempt to improve upon the previous success! by enlarging the list of approved conditions treatable with cannabis and raising the thc limit to 15%. while many legislators lauded opening it up to other conditions the 15% thc thing was just a nonstarter. one particularly dense republican blowhard kept repeating a series of variations around the theme of “i don’t care if they have terminal cancer of the nerve-endings responsible for pain, if we allow 15% they’re going to get high on it.” they finally settled on 5%. we’ll see.


I mean, yay for them but they are close to 25 years after the wave of medical pot legalization started: Timeline of cannabis laws in the United States - Wikipedia

I also was surprised that Texas was the first on the list for decriminalizations. Weird.


The taxes on it will be higher than for booze? Wouldn’t surprise me.


Pot and circuses. When things are bad enough you have to concede something minor like medical marijuana.

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Very true. But at the same time a bill to expand casino gambling is tied up because . . . wait for it . . .

there are Republicans who staunchly oppose gambling on moral grounds and so do not want to have any more casinos. They’re instead pushing a bill to have a state lottery.


Now how do I drive to Alabama without driving through the other RED held states?


is there a fear of flying behind your question?


At this point I haven’t the slightest incline to fly in a giant tube breathing reconstituted o2 from unknown sources for hours on end. That may change in the future, but right now, it’s a hard pass on flying anywheres.

P.S. I’m currently building, with my Dear Wife, a travel van, up-fitting is what the kids are calling it now a days. Retirement has removed the immediacy of getting from a-b as fast as possible. We’re going take our time and watch the world go by, on the road so’s to speak.


got it.

fear of covid not fear of flying.

in my case i take lorazepam when i fly because flying makes me as tense as wooden spoon at a spelling bee. even being fully vaccinated as i am, i share your hesitation at this moment.


I para jumped / sky dived more than 200 times, no fear of flying here. Fear of mask-holes and that certain right leaning crowd regarding covid is visceral.


But only for real, manly issues. PMS and menopause are excluded because female problems aren’t real?

Just the latest in officially codified misogyny. I hate this state so much. @Papasan, don’t bother coming here.


Go through Georgia via North Carolina, via anywhere northeast of and including Virginia.

If you’re trying to get there from the Midwest, you can’t do it.

If you’re trying to get there from the West Coast, you’ll have to wait until 2024 or so when we turn Texas blue.




It’s all about the MONEY, THAT GLORIOUS MONEY! Legalizing cannabis at the state level and having a state lottery is all about scraping money out of people’s pockets and being able to lie to the citizens that their taxes are being kept low.

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