Alan Henry, editor in chief of Lifehacker, shares his favorite tools


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I too am a recovered physicist. It took 20 years but I can finally no longer derive the partition function for a 2-dimensional Ising model. Parents, keep your kids away from ideal gasses, frictionless surfaces and point masses: these are gateway constructs to a world of pain.


I’ve got the UK version of that keyboard, and it’s great. But because I have no co-workers to annoy, I go clicky blue.

My wife got me such a dorky gift for it:


What does that key do? Bring up a hologram of Linus Torvalds?


Yeah this one lets you know what he thinks of your work.


You can have co-workers and an obnoxiously loud keyboard. :laughing: I put the sound dampening rings in mine but I went about a year before I installed those. :sweat:


Bring the noise! Only thing better than hearing my buckling-spring keyboard is to hear a whole chorus of them.

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