Alarmed by racy material in Cosmo, Utah state senator wants to revive state pornography czar


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Report to the territorial assembly. Stop. Ankles on full display in Provo. Stop. Send Cavalry. Full Stop.


Women enjoying sexual congress? Worse, the non-procreative type? We need to get a Kickstarter going to buy Weiler one of these:


I didn’t know childhood literacy was that big of an ordeal to parents in Utah. All joking aside all the stores I have seen carrying that magazine have put blinders in front of them.

Although I keep seeing all the stupid stuff on the front of the pro-Trump tabloids that are right at the eye level of little kids. That state senator might need to be careful that his war on grocery store register magazine racks won’t backfire on him lol


Back before the internet, Cosmo was a great magazine to leaf through for some sex tips/info.


I still remember that when I was in high school, every movie in the theaters was preceded by a “Passed by Maryland board of censors” title card with a serial number on it.


Like there are not more important issues in Utah. This ass just wants to be front and center. He probably gets a raise looking at the bra and undergarments section in the Sears and Roebuck catalog.


Wouldn’t putting his ass front and center violate the same pornography laws?


Touché my friend… touché.


There have surely been many column inches filled about how Cosmo promotes unrealistic body images and/or otherwise serves to spread a fundamentally detrimental mindset, no? Not that other magazines are necessarily much better. (I reckon the world might be better off if the whole Rodale empire burned to the ground, except that something even worse could very well take its place.)


I thought the sexual revolution happened decades ago. You mean there are still some repressed idiots out there?

god dammit.


When I saw the headline about “reviving” the porn czar, my first thought was that he had fainted.

“Quick! The smelling salts!”


For those not in on the joke, it’s a fainting couch.


Cosmo never evoked any emotions from me other than mild revulsion or bored eye rolling. But now, now I am going to support the shit out of this magazine.


And that’s why they call it Utah folks.


Back before the internet, Cosmo was a great magazine to leaf through for some sex tips/info.

Assuming one cared about female orgasm. I fear though, most males learned sex tips from Hustler mags found in the woods (see previous thread)…


I don’t think Hustler had actual tips…


I dunno if I’d categorise it as a “great” source. Cosmos sex tips have long been a source of unintentional humor. Often advocating things that would be downright unpleasant, dangerous, or just generally ill advised. Most famously advocating stickin things in people’s butts as a “surprise”.

No Cosmo you ask before you stick things in butts.


I must have missed that issue…


I don’t think Hustler had actual tips…

The lack of tips were tips. The uspoken tip is find female, insert cock.