Alaska wins election stickers race


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So Alaska is populated by politically awakened furries :question:



I wonder which way the crustaceans are voting this year.


Except for the bears. They’re only woke about 6 months out of the year depending on which region of the state you’re talking about.


I wouldn’t be surprised Furries are always politically active- they’re always very concerned with life, liberty and the fursuit of happiness.


I don’t think I’ve ever actually been offered a sticker for voting, I must just have had boring polling places or something.


I loooove the moose wearing an I Voted sticker!!! (but not enough to move to Alaska)


No wolf, huh? I guess Sarah Palin shot them all from her helicopter.


What the hell are all those animals doing there? Drill baby drill! Send the animals back to Mexico!


I liked this one…


They are neat, but you only get one if you voted early. Too bad. At my polling place this morning all they had were the same old stickers I’ve gotten every year.


They’re usually hard-liners, but some seasons they have a soft shell.


Aw. I didn’t get those at my polling place.

Just this old standby:


That makes no sense. If voting didn’t change anything, why are there folk trying to make it as hard as possible to vote?


I liked the sticker, I don’t necessarily endorse the sentiment 100%.

However, one explanation is that voting affects the power struggle within the plutocracy, which is why the factions like to mess with voting rights.

For something more in line with my actual views, see this thread:





Really? Where do you live? I’ve never NOT been offered one. I do a mail in ballot, but I like to drop it off at one of the library polling places and I still get one.


I get stickers here in Michigan, unless they run out before I get there. But ours tend to be plain.
I don’t care, I wear them anyway.


Ours are plain, too. Just “I voted” on an oval sticker with a mini flag added.
These Alaska ones are great.


new yorkers seem to think theirs is pretty neat.