Aleister Crowley wax recordings on vinyl


Too cheap to buy it, but exactly how does one speak in angel-language? Do they have to dance on the head of a pin first?

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If the entry is to be believed, you’d have to get it from reading John Dee’s journals. Or I guess you could smoke a bunch of opium and just start babbling.


Between the internet and religion, the phrase “what is this…I don’t even…” will never, ever die.

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FYI misspelling: “Call”.

So, is this a new master from the original wax cylinder or is it just another copy of the digital files that are available all over the Internet for free? Because I think it’s probably the latter, in which case there would be no improvement in sound quality from the mp3s.

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Reading Dee’s journals, smoking opium and babbling, speaking in tongues, prayer, yoga, and various other techniques can indeed be effective to induce religious experience.

Listeners should be warned that Crowley’s Enochian sounds a lot like a cross between Oliver Postgate and Stanley Unwin.

Yeah, but can you do them all at the same time?

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