Alex Jones falsely accused a guy of being the Parkland school shooter, so now he's being sued for more than $1,000,000


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You beat me to it.




Apparently this type of attitude is being spread around the world. A city councillor was killed last month in Rio de Janeiro. She was member of a left wing party and was fighting local gangs. So a lot of evil people started a public defamation campaign against her:


Did you notice the hat? On one of my FB groups this popped up early into the incident, and was like, “Not this shit again.” :confused:

Anyway, this con man has lots of extra money, I hope this dude wins.



I did NOT notice that until just now! But yeah…

Agreed. Alex Jones makes the world a worse place and needs to go retire quietly to some out of the way place. Con man is a great way to describe him.




I hope he quickly finds a good lawyer that can cut out the dangerous parts of the complaint (the parts likely to get it dismissed with HIM holding the bag) and focus on the parts the courts are actually willing to nail someone for.

And yeah, I think $1M might actually happen.


I wondered where the idea that the shooter was a communist action came from. I mean that shirt doesn’t look like serious communist propaganda anyway.

And what’s up with the hat? I can’t tell what it is.


Champagne communist!


It’s the KMFDM tumble logo.

KMFDM is one of the fathers of “Industrial”. The Columbine killers had some of their lyrics posted on their web page. Since then I have recently found out there is a perverse fascination with the Columbine shooters, as well anything associated with them, and occasionally it spills into mainstream KMFDM fan areas.

But in this case it’s just a guy with a band hat wearing a Communist “Party” shirt.


Thanks for the rundown

That’s why I come to the Boing.




Oh goodie! I get to inaugurate my Alex Jones “False Flag,” flag.

Look! …
There’s the Prison Planet floating like a seasick punctuation mark over the void above his trachea!

And look! …
Here’s the bars to his cage protecting us from what lies beyond the window to his soul!

And look! …
Over there is his mouth cleanly separated from his brainpan!

Ah, so much to see in Jones-town these days … Alex? Meet Jim! Jim? Alex!

The queen is dead … Long live the queen!

The motto of the land in Jonespeak is “flays fli-gahh!” Doesn’t matter how it’s spelled, it’s always true to the home of the Red, Flesh, and Puke!

Sing it with me now, our patriotism will never die: “Flaes Flga!!”


A pox upon your house for that visual assault!




If it’s successful.