Alex Murdaugh convicted of murdering wife and son

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Will the media stop covering it now…


The amount of attention this has been getting is tiring, thankfully i’ve been able to avoid quite a bit of it


Once they find the next distraction.


Is it true his parents wanted to name him Axel?

What does that have to do with anything?


It’s an addition to the bad pun in @beschizza post. Is that enough ‘anything’ for you loaded, perhaps rhetorical question?

They’ll likely cover the inevitable exclusive interviews, books by all involved (jurists/law enforcement/jailers/attorneys), and film(s).


While I’m not surprised at the verdict, I’m definitely surprised it was handed down so quick. Like others I’m thrilled to see this media frenzy finally nearing its end.

What I don’t get is WHY this story has been such a big deal. (Even BB is on it!)

I mean, murders happen every day. What’s supposed to be so riveting about this one?


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There is apparently already a docuseries on the netflix… :woman_shrugging:


Probably what @mspie500 said…


I get hourly reports because my wife got hooked on the trial for some reason, our daughter is just as bad, her and my wife have been texting back and forth about it for days.

What I find surprising is he’s supposed to be sentenced today, it does not appear as there is a mandatory sentence so I would have thought there would be a sentencing report followed by a sentencing hearing that would drag on for quite some time.

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Fantastic. Perhaps now we can stop hearing about it. Although I’ll happily absorb the six-part docuseries on netflix whenever that comes out.

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I guess I must live under a rock. I’d heard short blurbs on NPR the last few weeks but other than that was blissfully unaware of the story. The blurbs were formatted such that it seemed I should already know what they were talking about, I didn’t. Just now I clicked through the links in this BB post and finally learned the story.
As for the apparently over inflated coverage; distraction, as others above have said. Well that and it’s extra tasty because of the intriguing aspect of great wealth & ‘affluenza’. People just love that garbage.

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And him running for a public office from prison.


This story has gotten so much attention for the same reason people will slow down on a freeway to gawk at an accident on the other side of the freeway.

I do think this case is illustrative of a couple of mistaken beliefs much of the general public, and the media, have about these kinds of trials, largely due to film and tv. 1) having a case built almost entirely on circumstantial evidence isn’t that uncommon, and it’s not really a problem for the prosecution if there’s enough of it. 2) lack of a rational motive isn’t that big of a deal. Motive is not an element of the charge that the prosecution has to prove. They have to prove intent, not motive. Motive is nice, because it helps things make sense to a jury, but it’s not required. Again, if the rest of the evidence makes it pretty clear what happened, the fact that the why doesn’t make a damn bit of sense isn’t a problem for the prosecution. Besides, murder is kind of inherently an irrational act.


Weird beat. He’s uncanny. Like “what if Gary Busey had a job, sort of”. Good for a single reassuringly final off-to-jail-forever post.


Oh my gosh, the judge has been lecturing him for a while. Just pass sentence already I want to hear Marge at CPAC…


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Well there you go, consecutive natural life sentences. Buh bye.

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It probably helps that “rural southern area dominated by powerful family with hidden moral rot, dark secret, and intense connections to local judicial and law enforcement entities” is a fairly popular trope; and here it is, in the creepy-pale flesh with a sinister murderdad, a covered-up affluenza murderson, the works.


I mean, it’s right there in the name. He’s clearly a Murdauh-rah.

Seems to be a bit of a punny-crime trend these days. Remember the bitcoin guy, Bankman-Fraud?