Aliens visit the one home in Las Vegas without a camera phone

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My granddaughter was recently issued a cell phone by her insurance company (BCBSIL). She’s 10. It runs like the hot garbage you’d assume from a free phone, but it has unlimited call/text and is apparently part of their program to ensure child safety.

I cannot imagine a 16 year old without a phone. Even more so since he’s using a cell phone in the reenactment (7 seconds in - he’s on the cell phone to 911!).

Edit - comments in the video are great. Defending the lack of photos because he was scared, like they were, and then they explain their own crazy first contact situation.


Not everyone in Las Vegas/Clark County is a flashy well-to-do type… some people still use landlines and vintage flip phones.

Clearly, these aliens knew this, and used it to their advantage to hide proof of their existence… once again, we are defeated by these visitors from another world.

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vintage flip phones don’t work anymore

They keep making us get new ones whenever the mobile technology changes


Many people think that 16 is too young for parents to introduce their kids to hallucinogens, but it seems like a reasonable age for a family trip. And, who knows you might all see some nice aliens in the back yard. :slight_smile:

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A 16-year-old child called the Las Vegas police after he and his family sighted ten-foot-tall aliens checking out their backyard.

I call BS. Everybody knows aliens are metric.


Aliens don’t look like us, these ones looked like a stack of ten feet.




“Unfounded” says the police record.

“Wasting police time for your 15 seconds of fame” says the officer attending.


I hope no one take this seriously.

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