Aliens! 👽

Oh, I dunno… In boring, we wouldn’t have had the US government (essentially) finally acknowledge UFOs as being real. Here’s to living in topsy-turvy times!

Unless there’s some big alien intervention coming where they help humanity solve all our self-inflicted problems, I still prefer boring.



Just you wait… :alien:



Anything capable of interstellar travel is capable of keeping their presence hidden. UFOs have a much more, mundane, boring origin. And this pains the 14-16 year old me.



Nobody said you had to… :slight_smile:

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What an absurd (and human) set of assumptions, baked into that comment.

Now now, is that aimed at me?

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I don’t know what they are, but let’s say they turn out to be new, unexplained atmospheric phenomena - think of all the science that can be done :slight_smile:
It would be far from boring, just like upper atmospheric lightning, or ball lightning. If they turn out to be something else, it may be even better.



I highly recommend this book:

About 5-10% of reported UFO sightings (which probably account for 10% of all sightings) are utterly bizarre, and by all accounts appear to be actual, physical objects. Many times exhibiting behavior that seems to indicate they are under conscious control. Secret aircraft being tested as a hypothesis does not fit most of these sightings. Many of these sightings are from military pilots, other pilots, police, military, and other trained professionals.

While there is currently no proof they are “aliens,” that is probably the most likely explanation. I don’t think “aliens” really applies, because it would be like describing a person who walks up to an animal that has never seen a human before — is the human an “alien” to that animal? Or just from outside the animal’s frame of reference?

Anyway, no need to debate the issue here. Some people are very, very resistant to it. There were others in previous eras who were very resistant to the idea of the Earth being round, or the idea that the Earth orbits the Sun. The good thing is, over time, the truth has a way of winning out.


That would be cool, but more mundane than UFOs.

Visitors would have zero to gain by making their presence known, and risk A LOT.

To be clear it takes a TON of energy to leave the pull of the Earth’s Orbit. If there was a small ship that didn’t have a shit load of rockets strapped to it, then it would be using some sort of advance tech we could only fantasize about. And if that was the case, they should also have tech to make the need to actually visit here completely unnecessary. And if they did visit, to do so with out being detected.

The reality is, it is most likely from earth, something like the pic below. Which is cool, but not alien cool. Again, this realization pains the 16 year old me, but I believe it is the truth.

ETA - oops forgot the pic - or did you assume I posed a stealth bomber?


using some sort of advance tech we could only fantasize about.

Aliens have space magic that allows them to break the speed of light. That’s also what they used to get Big Foot to build the pyramids.

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See, I am thinking of writing an alien invasion story based on the idea that things like ant-gravity, FTL, lasers, shields, all that shit is fantasy. There are physical limits in the universe on what one can and can’t do, and there is no “magic” as you say. I have a feeling that is the reality of the universe, sad to say.

Still, some of that is possible in theory, so who knows.


The aliens are here to harvest special chemicals which only exist in the colons of inebriated rednecks to save their doomed world.


I think you would get a kick from this site. A fairly comprehensive single authored blog about military aspects in SF, their history and references.


That aircraft is real (I also have specific reason to believe, don’t ask), and TOTALLY DIFFERENT than what people are reporting as UFOs. Totally, totally different phenomena. I’m not sure why you’re conflating them. Both are interesting – I’ve been fascinated by both UFOs, and black project aircraft for decades. I approached both subjects with an open mind, and have come to the conclusion that there is very high probability that so-called UFOs are entirely separate from things like the “Aurora” (or whatever the SR-71 successor is called).


You realize that fairly mainstream quantum physics also is often interpreted to show “spooky action at a distance” which is to say, behaviors that seem to indicate FTL travel…? But again, I would say that folks once said the Earth is flat, the Sun orbits the Earth, blah blah. Failure of imagination.

That’s really not a good way to explain things. If you’re going to say it’s space aliens, why not say it’s god? We have the same level of evidence for both. In fact we have lots of “miracles” reported every year all around the world.

The alien hypothesis would be great if it were testable.