All feminists want to be raped, says Red Pill Reddit thread boss. Is he New Hampshire State Rep. Robert Fisher?


@Mindysan33 ok. lets be clear…I was thinking specifically of LO:SVU as a widely viewed program that deals with emotional and physical assault between genders as its core premise. And yes, that is generally how those scripts play out. I wasn’t judging it good, bad, or otherwise…just trying to make the analogy. (its a fairly dumb show at this point)


I did get the point you were trying to make. But I do wonder how much shows like SVU help shape peoples view of sexual assault, since it’s such a popular show.


my daughter enjoys the show much to my dismay. Then again, I am pleased that her male peers are absolutely terrified of ever crossing her. So…I guess it’s a win?


Well… since you really want to know. My cousin was raped as a boy (by a man). On a different occasion, I suffered what is probably legally described as attempted sexual assault (also by men), although I managed a close escape.

I also know women who were assaulted and also managed an escape.


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I see. Since failed attempts do not count: not me.


Holy fucksocks.


Understatement; but my sentiments exactly.


I’m sorry, what provoked that reaction?


This whole thread? LOL


This is an excellent point. We know that everything we consume in the form of media shapes our perceptions. The internalized ideas about everything are both consciously and unconsciously creating beliefs and filters through which we interpret reality.

This includes tropes and jokes. I like to have fun as much as the next person, but I do think it’s worth pausing to consider the subtext of a joke and if it is reinforcing any “isms”.


While there’s some good discussion here and I don’t want to stifle it, I want to remind everyone that it’s not appropriate to pass judgement on your peers here. Their ideas and comments, sure. But everyone is equally entitled to express themselves here within our guidelines.

It’s not appropriate to tone police or rebuke another poster in general here, either. You have an issue with their position, fine. If you have an issue with them in general? Take it to PM. Don’t derail the topic.

Also, because of the nature of this specific post, I’d also like to remind the majority-male population here that we do not have equal gender representation here on the BBS, and that given the sensitive subject matter (that is, by definition, outside the experience of the male populous), please keep your responses respectful, especially in light of some of the experiences shared here by our female members.

Thank you.


More like inhuman centipede. Amirite?


Thank you. Representation matters, aka this picture with US representatives congratulating themselves over the passage of the health care bill in the House:

It was with some trepidation that I clicked on this thread, but I could not stay away. If I could say one thing about the subjugation of one sect over another and have it truly sink into deep, deep consciousness, it is this about sexism: When women discuss casual and overt sexism (up to and including its most shocking form, rape) that we face every day, we are not attacking/damning men personally. We all use the personal to humanize our experiences, whether it is sexism, racism, or any other form of institutional control. Because of the sensitive nature of rape, it is incredibly difficult for conversations such as this not to get heated. But the broader conversation can be so fruitful if we recognize that any given act of sexism (again, up to and including rape) is very, very personal and demands respect. However, the systems of privilege that continue to allow such egregious acts are not personal. Such systems are rooted in thousands of years of subjugation that in relative time, we are only beginning to address.

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

… along with all of the incredibly terrible things this bill does to gut women’s health care.


I also just realized that the guy in the bow tie next to Pence looks just like Martin Freeman. Surely Bilbo wouldn’t be on board with this!


Age progressed Martin Freeman for sure. And Paul Ryan’s face in that picture just says, “I’m so screwed in the next election.”


I obviously don’t know any facts on the matter, but if someone were to offer me even money that Rep. Fisher has raped someone, I’d put down $20. The representative doth protest too much.

(To be fair, you wouldn’t have to give me very good odds to bet on any male politician being a rapist. If you pressed me for a number I’d bet 25% are, but I wouldn’t be shocked it if was closer to 50%)


Of the male politicians emboldened by Trump, I’d put the odds closer to 100%.

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