Another Republican who thinks men are not responsible for rape

Gotta love this rightwing talking point. If only women would learn how to not get raped, we could solve this problem. 'Cause it obviously can’t be that men need to not rape, that is just crazy talk!!


I do hate that mindset so very much.

It paints males as mindless rapists that females should hide from and females as a weaker sub-species that need to hide to survive…

Actually manages to insult 100% of humanity total in one go…


Why anyone would vote for a candidate who, at every turn, tells you up front and to your face that they refuse to take responsibility for their own actions is beyond me.

Money quote from the write up:

Lecturing women on how to avoid getting raped isn’t just insulting and frustrating; it also doesn’t stop rape from happening. Demanding that women dress more modestly or avoid parties with alcohol is a way to restrict their freedom, but it’s not a way to prevent them from being targeted by a predator. It also doesn’t prevent that predator from targeting some other woman.

The comment section was infuriating. “You only hate him because he is a republican.” “But issues…” “No, I will not deal with issues, it’s only because he is a republican.” Mindless drones who will probably nonetheless vote.

Maybe he means education and training in knife-fighting? The Republicans keep asking for hard evidence.

anybody who imposes their will on another in a way that’s that evil and dastardly

Who the hell talks like that about sexual assault?


Everything we know about Denver Riggleman underscores the idea that he is a seething mass of perplexing inclinations and repulsive beliefs. He campaigns with Nazis, distributes Bigfoot “erotica”, believes in vigilante justice, and blames women if they are assaulted; the spitting image of a true Southern Gentleman, and the face of today’s GOP.


I am in the 5th, wish I could vote against him, but I have sent his opponent money, for what it’s worth.

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I’ve lost track of the number of candidates I’ve funded this year. I doubt my $5 or $10 does very much, but it’s what I can do since I only have one vote.


Hey Denver Riggleman… educate this…



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