Listen to GOP congressman Jason Lewis imitate the voice of a distraught sexually-traumatized woman


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Ummm no I will take your word for it @beschizza. Thanks for taking that bullet for us though.


Another republican fighting the good fight to ensure men are allowed to harass women without repercussion.


I humbly request that we discontinue the “sexist” tag for stories like this.

Nail it with a misogynist tag.


I flip through the radio stations on the way home and will hit the talk radio which, depending when I am on the road, will have one of two right wing commentators. What was on that clip was fairly common. While I can’t recall anyone specifically mocking sexual assault, mocking the left with exagerated caricatures is a staple, at least for the first guy. Standard demean and dehumanize the other side. If everything they say is tainted and a political lie (or half truth) then dismissing them off hand is easy peasy.


He’s a local radio host who made his career out of being intentionally rude like this. Clips like this one were used against him in the 2016 election, but he still won.


Fucking horrible people are fucking horrible.


I am so NOT a lawyer, but I don’t believe he can do that. He is a public figure, making a speech broadcast on the public airwaves. Doesn’t that render it as newsworthy and therefore Fair Use?


Another poster man/child for white male privilege.



Feckin phallocentric smash n grab assholes are on the rise. In more ways than one.

Sometimes I so want out of this place. The U.S. I mean, but then, it seems like fascism is feeling its Wheaties just about everywhere.


Not surprised, GOP is such a dumpster fire, but i bet republicans love him.


I am reminded how much I dislike the billboards for Minneapolis-based talk radio station KTLK 100.3 AM (which specializes in angry talk show hosts inciting angry callers to further anger), such as this image featuring Jason Lewis and Michelle Bachmann:

What bugs me is the word “Right” – underlined for emphasis. Anybody who insists they are right has already lost my respect. I’ll judge your rightness for myself, goddammit.


How can women on the ‘right’ (as in right over the cliff nuts) possible support such BS? These guys don’t see you as anything other than their playground. Vote. Them. Out. (also, young folks, if you are listening, pls GET YOUR ASSES TO THE POLLS THIS NOVEMBER, thx!)



Precisely. Besides, America needs all of its balanced, normal, human Americans to stay and fight the asshole army. Don’t go. We need you.


That’s a helluva negative change from Hines & Burglund I grew up listening to on WLOL.

Back on topic…Does Jason Lewis think further angering women 2 weeks before election day is a winning strategy? How much clearer does the GOP think we need it made that they believe women are not human beings with agency?



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He must have this thing nailed up without any female votes at all. Must be an impressive guy. I’ll bet his district has an impressive shape, too.


Jason, you sound like you speak from experience. Thanks for giving us an inside look at your dating techniques. No wonder you have that voice down pat. I’m sure you’ve heard it many times. Apparently, not all incell’s become mass shooters. Some become Congressmen.


And thousands of Republican women will hold their noses and vote for him anyway.