GOP candidate threatens fellow Republicans as he totes a shotgun in new campaign ad (video)

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I don’t want to hear about free speech.

I don’t want to hear about metaphors or turns of phrase.

This is extremely dangerous rhetoric, and the perpetrators know it. They hide behind an expansive interpretation of the constitution, and say these things with a nod and a wink; but they know full well that there’s a very real danger of inciting real violence. This in a country that’s awash in tools to carry out this violence.

And they’re okay with this, so long as it moves them closer to their deplorable goals. It goes without saying; but people who engage in this kind of bluster are not only unfit for office, they’re unfit for the freedoms they so casually abuse.


For the sake of absolute, ultimate fuck! Lock these dangerous shit stains up!



How hard is it to draw a line between this kind of overheated totalitarian cosplay and incidents like this?


If this crap keeps up the day after election day will be called: Open Season.


This is why we need a federal red flag law. A guy like this should have his guns taken away and an exam to determine his capacity to safely own firearms.


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We, as a country, are fucked. Get out if you can.


Aside from the obvious ways in which this is pernicious; it seems like a really bad sign that it’s actually worse than the messaging you tend to see from actual coups. Even if the shooting in streets adjacent to the presidential palace hasn’t stopped yet the New Patriotic Transitional Government’s televised address and/or for-public-release photos pretty much always have everyone sitting down and trying to look statemanlike in their various uniforms; emphazing that the brief and unfortunate disturbance has been resolved patriotically now and everyone should really focus on how it’s barely a discontinuity at all, except insofar as certain deplorable threats to the state will now be dealt with.

This guy is actively hyping up the, normally studiously elided, intermediate period of political violence bit like it’s a feature.


Government agents smashing in doors with guns drawn because you don’t vote the way they want?

What was that they said about needing guns to fight government tyranny again?


How is it legal? how does this appeal to anyone? how is this not viewed as satire? I would watch this and just assume it is making fun of conservatives.



Greitens is a goon who should be too tainted to be viable after being forced to resign as governor for sexual assault charges and campaign finances - but some how both of those charges didn’t stick.

Now he is doubling down on MAGA and the Big Lie and going after people in his own party. Priceless. It is mask off authoritarianism.

My only regret is I have to move, changing states, due to being priced out of my apartment and I won’t be able to vote against him.


Wrong question.

Remember: IOKIYR “Legal” implies that the law applies and will be enforced. The first is moot absent the second, and that part is not at all in evidence.


The fastest way to fix this is for Dem candidates to film similar videos, and basically saying the exact same thing, only flipping the script that it’s open season on MAGA / Q / DINOs.

The GOP would change their tune mighty fast.


And leave everyone who can’t get out to their violent fate at the hands of fascists? Nah, fuck that.


Normally, the response would be “only when it gets close to home” and we could write off Rep. Kinzinger’s discovery of his Party’s nature.

But, that’s not true here. He already bucked the tide, and I suspect knew in advance that there would be a price to pay. So, hats off to you and best wishes Rep.


On the one hand, I’m absolutely horrified that a wing of the Republican party is saying, “support Trump or brownshirts will come and murder you,” but on the other hand, the Republican party eating itself doesn’t sound too bad. Unfortunately, in reality what we end up with isn’t the party destroying itself, but an acceleration of the current trend for Republicans to jettison law and decency entirely in their lust for power, such that all Republicans running for office end up being overt fascists.

Uh, because they’re pretty obviously deadly serious? This is intended as a threat. The core of the party has gone full fascist, there’s no possibility for satire anymore.

Worse, they’re pluses to the MAGA crowd. i.e. “He’s abusing women and children - like a man should!”

But the hypocrisy is built-in to the party, now*. It wouldn’t cause them to change their messages in the least.

*Because for them, it isn’t hypocrisy - there’s one set of rules for them, another for everyone else.


Sounds like a reasonable fear under the Missouri stand your ground laws. Whether those laws protect conduct outside the home is an exercise for the would be shooter. Consult a lawyer.


What part of the planet would be safe from a US run by these chuckleheads?