All hail Lumio

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I prefer my products to contain more traditional features so we caN
Clearly tell the objects social and industrial history, as opposed tO
Potential uses, modern techniques, or design fripperY.

It’s why we’ve got plinths and capitals* on our columns – becausE
Without these non-functional thingummybobs, we’d never know thaT,
Once-upon-a-time when columns were made of wood, they were A
Requirement (that has since been made obsoltE).

* Ditto for writing lines of letters, which looked like sidewayS
Columns, including the capitals, when properly placed at the beginninG
And ends of the lineS.


These reviews make a bit more sense if you picture Mr. Borys hard at work, in his Lumio’d office, wearing a slightly unsettling International Klein Blue suit…

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Be kind, and leave a link behind.

I can think of at least one excellent use for a Lamia

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