Trump unleashes the power of the Orgasmic Orb
Trump places hand upon mysterious glowing orb in opening ceremony for Saudi anti-terror center

So they’re remaking Brisco County in Saudi Arabia? With Victor Buono, no less?


What is that, some kind of hand-enlarging machine?





(Best I could do with stone axe and similar tools.)


My old work-friends and I have been laughing about this, because many many years ago, we all worked at a company that designed corporate meetings: the brochures, signage, interior design, lighting, and speaker presentations. One client was an eyeglasses company that rhymes with MensRafters. There was a gap in the schedule that said something like “CEO inspires people” and we were told they’d handle it. At the meeting, the CEO rolled an orb that looked just like this onto the stage, and invited all of the top salespeople to walk onstage and touch it. When each person touched the orb, it would glow, and the CEO said “Yes! Touch the orb! Let its light inspire you!” and things like that. It was creepy crazy cult bonkers stuff.


At least the Saudi King looks sufficiently like he’s seen something terribly frightening to his very soul.
El-Sisi seems to see himself eating ice cream, and Trump looks as indifferently befuddled by ORB reality as he is by reality prime.


Carving up the world: the rule is, if your hands can cover it, you can keep it. Trump is in denial about his hand size so he hasn’t realized this puts him at a disadvantage.


“Next on the schedule is a human sacrifice and then we will head on over to the Pavilion for a delicious buffet.”




I’m just going to leave this here…


clicked hoping for this


I just assumed this was some sort of consciousness-swapping machine.

We’ll be able to tell if Trump demands more wives… oh wait…


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