Trump places hand upon mysterious glowing orb in opening ceremony for Saudi anti-terror center


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I for one welcome our new glowy orb overlords!


Fucking oligarchs, even their circle-jerks are ridiculously opulent


No, Trampy, you must place your hands on the orb, or the intergalactic lizard people will not believe you are serious.


They’ve taken the crystal out of the pylon, and he’s shaved most of it off, but I’d recognized inarticulate Cha-Ka’s orange-hair anywhere.


Super Friends Indeed


Only androids may deliver the orb to them.

There’s a typo in that second word. You added in an “r” by mistake.


The Church of Satan has already issued a denial via Twitter


If Obama had done this … FOX News coverage would have been hilarious.




Oo-kay, I’m just paranoid enough to wonder - how do you avoid leaving prints behind in a situation like that? Do you make it known you’re a germaphobe and start wearing gloves during all public events?


I smell a setup for a wacky 1980s body-swap comedy.


Mysterious? Nien!


If it’s Trump and the Saudi king I’m assuming it’s Loc-Nar, that contains the sum of all evil:


haha, I haven’t thought of this cult classic for years.


Wait… so Trump attended the opening of an anti terror center in Saudi Arabia and people think the globe is what’s weird? Saudi Arabia, the all time winner when it comes to supporting and financing international terrorism as well as being the world’s number one supported and financial backer of Salafist jihadism, the ideological basis of most jihadist islamic terrorist groups, that Saudi Arabia opened a place called the “Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology.” and we focus on a light bulb in a translucent globe?


I agree, to some extent. It’s a bit like focusing on the fact that Trumps tweets about world domination and crushing his enemies are tweets rather than that they are about world domination and crushing his enemies. Although the form and function are so intimately tied together in both cases that it’s a fine line between “is a distraction from…” and “highlights and draws attention to…” what clownish evil these douchebags are up to.



To these 0.000025 percenters, the opulence qualifies as “visual cake” for the masses.