Alleged 'Proud Boys' disrupt a 'Drag Queen Story Hour' at a Bay area library

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Dulce wrote, adding that the confrontation “totally freaked out all of the kids.” , from the article
This is ghastly, and while damaging, likely will be remembered by the kids who will hopefully remember this hate.

It took 8 to 10 men that say they are proud in their beliefs and actions, to interrupt a children’s story hour at a branch library, but not proud enough in what they were did to stick around for the consequences.

Feckless pulers the lot of them.


This is Pride month 2022: fascists and white supremacists going after LGBTQ+ events around the country.


If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck :roll_eyes:


“He claims to be a Nazi, sir, but we’re having trouble accessing his records from the Reichstag.”

I am, as a general rule, a pacifist, but I am finding that rule more and more “general” as time passes.


This kind of thing is probably related to accounts like LibsOfTikTok posting images of what are clearly adult entertainment with an audience made of adults and pass it off as ‘drag queen story hour’.



This Sheriff’s Department openly recruits for the Oath Keepers.

There aren’t going to be any consequences for their buddies, except maybe a job offer.


Of all the “adult” things I witnessed as a kid, the most traumatizing were angry men screaming and intimidating and threatening or enacting violence on others, especially when they didn’t get their way.

Little girls will dress up their younger brothers in drag sometimes. It’s not scary or abusive. It’s just awkward. And don’t let your sister poke you in the eye with mascara. Make sure she sticks to lipstick and blush.


Inadequate Men seems much more appropriate than proud boys. Boyhood is usually over in the teen years. Boyhood is a time of learning, making mistakes, having fun, feeling scared or worried, all the emotions of a young human male figuring out how to become a good man. These stinking cowards have none of the qualities of a boy, often consumed by self hate they project their pathetic feelings toward anyone they can bully. Disgusting cowards have no claim to boyhood. They already failed their turn as boys, now they’re just losers.


I think that anyone that takes the banner of being a ‘Proud Boy’ doesn’t understand that infantalising themselves in the name of hate is a true show of their character.

Grow the F@U#CK up!


Yep, same experience. And I wasn’t a kid at the time, but one of the first things that pushed me to more, well, active activism was my experience at the first Pride I went to, I think the first actual Pride in my country. I didn’t even think much of going to Pride at the time (I’m generally not much for participating IRL in any kind of community and whatnot), but a friend invited me to walk with her and her group, so I thought sure, it’ll be fun. And then the anti-Pride protesters showed up and started doing the usual things, and sure, they were behind a rather flimsy fence, but just the realization, that this was for real, that those people over there actually hated me and wanted to hurt me, would have hurt me if they had the opportunity, was a pretty strong wake-up call. (The group I walked with, as it turned out, was the US embassy where my friend worked at the time, and the US ambassador was also present, I’ve never been so happy to be around huge, armed security guys - they probably wouldn’t have protected me at all, but hey.)


Get those library invading arseholes some new t-shirts and a new outlook on life.


Exactly this. I think of the things most likely to fuck those kids up was the violence and harassment and hate being present.

Dressing up is nothing. Kids do it all the time. Because innocence knows that all the crap put on top of that is just social construct. Wear what you want. Be who you want. They certainly wasn’t hurting those kids, and as long as you don’t hurt anyone else, all should be good.

“indoctrination” and “grooming” are labels they use because of their awkwardness and repressed emotions. People who don’t understand something or have internal conflicts over it are often hostile towards it. Especially among people prone to hostility.

We need the children’s voices heard. Those of the young and those who’ve grown up with lgbt+ being very visual and even educated upon. They’ll tell you it’s OK. Because it’s innocent and honesty to self and others in the face of social criticism.


My little brother and I used to play this game! I was 7, he was 5.

When dressed up, she was “Marsha”. We did this only in my room, and played Barbies and dolls and stuff. My Barbie “dated” Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon, because Ken was too boring.

Other days, we just ran through the woods or played Hot Wheels, or took turns doing stunts on the Green Machine.

No one was harmed by any of these childhood fun activities.


What a pity the Proud Boys don’t to more ‘community outreach’ work so that LGBTQ+ people can turn up and harasslove-bomb them with wigs and glitter and such-like. They’d love it, for sure! /s


Let everyone at these events have a can of spray glitter, and then just coat the assholes with it. “What’s that in your hair, Danny? Where did you get glittered?”


Interview. Starts at 26:23 in the program.

Pride attack
A drag performer tells us she’s scared for her safety after members of a far-right group – burst into a reading she was giving to children at a library this weekend.


Ha! So true.

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Happy to say the Alameda County sheriff who has been supporting these criminals is losing in the current election. Losing to a woman of color. in slow motion. Yesenia Sanchez needs a vote count just above 50% to avoid a runoff.


I wish our San Francisco Proud Boys would of been there. :heart: