Anti-gay protestors sue library over Drag Queen Story Hour


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The plaintiffs also include an evangelical minister and a woman who says she got into a custody battle with her husband after he left her for a transgender woman.



Is it these same assholes or a different bunch of assholes?


If men can marry men, why can’t he marry a computer?

Because a computer isn’t a person.


Same type of asshole.


Yup, sho’ you right; that one was Louisiana, this one is in Texas.


Is it the Drag Queens or the reading they don’t like? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Pretty sure you wanted to reply to the OP, rather than me. :slight_smile:


why not both?



The lawsuit says the storytelling sessions advertised as appropriate for patrons of all ages at the Freed-Montrose Neighborhood branch should not be funded with taxpayer dollars since the library would not host a “man-woman marriage storytelling hour.”

But wait - using their logic, any time the library hosted a story time read by a heterosexual person, it would be a “man-woman marriage storytelling hour.” So…


Jesus’s mum wasn’t married…


Amazing how the people who are most likely to shout “Liberal Snowflake” are so easily offended.


They could feature the ‘man-woman marriage storytelling hour’ as part of ‘white history month’!


OMG, that ‘stache is fuckin’ hypnotic! If that dude was hunting me he could just walk up to me waving his mustache, and pith me on the spot.


It is pretty damn magnificent…


But it is made by a corporation, which is a person… can he marry a corporation? But which one to choose? They’re all so damned sexy.

If only she had been a drag queen. That would have been the greatest story ever told.


Yeah, doesn’t it say that in a particular book those folk seem to quite like rea - ooooooh wait.

Probably shouldn’t also mention that Jesus was Jewish.


Back up a second. Aren’t some “drag queens” hetero cross-dressers? So, really, they’re demanding the State mandate the wearing of gendered clothing. That’s not really surprising, but nothing infuriates conservatives like logical clarity.

EDIT: I just realized their anti-gay agenda would require police to separate the homos from the wholesome cross-dressers. Is there a 10-point gay questionnaire they can use? I’m almost sure “gaydar” is a metaphor, right? They don’t sell actual gaydar units at the Zondervan bookstore?


He’s the actor who played the cowpoke/paladin* in The Big Lebowski, right?

* For whatever reason, that character always strikes me as “paladin”. Color me D&D geeky.