Alligator encounter causes man taking selfie to crash bicycle




that gator was definitely all up in his cornflakes.
'gator be all, “…whatever.”



“What’s an alligator like you doing all the way out here in Swamp Road, Louisiana?”


20 mph?


About 3:35 too long.


That’s the most upbeat bike crash helmet-cam video I’ve seen all day.




Cute that he didn’t tell the guy in the truck that he was taking a selfie when he crashed.


i was actually smitten with how damn NEIGHBORLY the exchange was. it wasn’t “…HEY JACKASS, GET OUT OF THE DAMN ROAD!”… it was just two humans, exchanging pleasantries, and then getting on with their day. so human and rational. kind of refreshing.


Taking a selfie while biking and sporting a gopro/whatever? >.>

Karma’s a bitch, but I feel this guy had it coming.


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