Alligator visits human home, tries to ring doorbell, flops over adorably


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How bizarre.


How many black people live in this “Foxbank Plantation,” I wonder.


Mmmm my money is he is one of those Space Pope missionaries.


#Candygram! … Pizza man! … Only a dolphin ma’am!







Oh yeah…it’s super adorable until your dog is a snack or your toddler goes outside and looks like food. That gator probably knew there was a dog in the house and was just testing the walls.

Australians know crocodiles and alligators for what they are…primitive dinosaurs that want to attack and eat you and yours and your pets.
Tho crocs are far more aggressive in attacking human things.


INT = 16
DEX = 6

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Released from his human suit for the first time in months, Ted Cruz forgets that he has suspended his campaign and makes one last effort to win over a potential voter.





Roger Fucking That!


Or else he was just Cajun the neighborhood.



Its super adorable when it happens to other people.

But to one’s self, it would be terrifying because precisely alligators are primordial monsters with jaws that can snap you like a twig.

I have little sympathy with people complaining about dangerous wildlife incursions on their property. The only reason the various beasties are there is because people are building their communities too close to their habitats.