Alternate version of the Knight Rider theme tune


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Rob, I would watch this. In a heartbeat. Someone greenlight this or crowdfund this asap.



Holy crap, yes! That’s freaking genius!


ya got nothin



I love this.
And not because I´m German. Seriously, there is no truth in it that David Hasselhoff is exeptional popular here. Well he is popular and he was in german celebrity Big Brother and I did own a CD of him at one point, BUT THAT MEANS NOTHING!!!


My neighbour was a stuntman on the original series. Drove the cars up on two wheels and did some ramp to ramp scenes. He is significantly shorter than Hasselhoff and looked absolutely absurd in the wig!



I’m still trying to get over the conceit of Team Knight Rider. Like, they actually called themselves “Team Knight Rider” in the show, even though the words “Knight Rider” were never actually spoken in the titular original series.

That would be like if the characters in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” actually introduced themselves as “The Next Generation of Star Trek!” whenever they met a new alien species.


A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist.




Aye, the idea has some serious merit.



KITT. Come home. All is forgiven.

– Uncle Cy


Both shows were created by Glen A. Larson. He really liked that back-and-forth-scanner effect.


What’s not to like?


Man, you had me at Grace Jones.


I was really hoping the other version had Hasselhoff singing some lyrics for it.