'Knight Rider' FunkoPop looks just like David Hasselhoff in a Trans Am


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Unless you can play Intellivision in it, it will never be as cool as the real KITT:


David Hasselhoff was a supporting character, not the star of Knight Rider.

We all know, the star of the show was Mr. Feeny .



We agree, we agree!


Canonically speaking KITT was supposedly quite fuel efficient (KITT once claimed his fuel economy was at least 65 miles per gallon). Which is obvious nonsense because “high performance sports car” and “fuel efficient” are pretty much mutually exclusive goals.

Then again, who am I to question an engineering team that managed to fit a full service auto shop and spacious command center in the back of a tractor trailer?


They missed an opportunity to make it battery-powered. Give it the light (and maybe the sound) of the front “eye” and you can take my money right here and now. [They could reuse any excess lights when they make an original Battlestar Galactica Cylon FunkoPop.]


“A Shadowy Flight Into the Dangerous World of a Man Who Does Not Exist” is the greatest line of literature yet devised by man. It should be etched in granite all over the world. It should be the national motto. It should be a standard part of the English curriculum in high school. I occasionally write it backwards on my forehead so I have a reason to smile when I look in the mirror.

And I do smile. Because it is so awesome.


Whoa whoa whoa, how do we know this isn’t Garthe Knight, Michael Knight’s evil twin brother not-related-by-blood-but-resembling-Garthe-due-to-reconstructive-surgery-nemesis, riding in KARR, KITT’s evil twin. . .uh, carther prototype 1.0?

Edits: Thanks to brainspore for pointing out my gross oversight , and Wikipedia for untangling the KITT/KARR mess. Sorry folks, I just wasn’t going to re-watch “Knight Rider” to get it right. I need those brain cells.


That the show fails to live up to the awesomeness of this quote is probably to be expected.


(Pushes up nerd glasses)

ACTUALLY Garthe Knight was no relation to Michael Knight, who was born Michael Arthur Long but was shot in the face and left for dead until billionaire philanthropist Wilton Knight gave him a new identity and reconstructive surgery to resemble his own wayward son.


I preferred the first Michael, from before he regenerated.


We thought maybe it would look like Keira Knightly?



Please read in Comic Book Guy’s voice.

Kitt was converted to run on liquid hydrogen in episode 15 of season 1 by Bonnie, the only engineer that really understood Kitt and was reportedly written out of the show after having an illicit affair with the vehicle that resulted in… are you going to buy that or are you going to thumb the edges of that 1995 “Age Of Apocalypse” until Cyclops becomes cool again?

           That's great.  Now how about some
           dinner when you finish up here?

           I'd love to, Michael, but I'll be 
           spending the night with Kitt.

           Okay, I was just asking.  You two 
           have a good time together.

           Michael, I'm just going to convert 
           his engines to run on liquid hydrogen.
           Then I've got to reprogram his....

           Hey...you don't have to explain to 
           me...Kitt, don't take advantage of 

From Script revision 5, at Knight Rider Archives


Gotta say I have no idea what they are supposed to be made of, since not vinyl or garage kits redone, and that the doll looks very little unlike a Far Cry character.

Is the point to go into SuperTargets and play paint/sculpt/retexture with the things?


I’m not worthy!



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