Here is the Knight Rider intro in German and Japanese

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The German one is the most important because it once again proves Norm MacDonald’s old theory.


The Japanese one ended quite abruptly.

Also, and mildly relevant, this:

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I’m ready for an anime-fied Knight Rider where Kit turns into a gundam driven by a drunk hamburger eating Michael.


The german intro is part of my childhood! Our family watched Knight Rider religiously back in the Eighties. But that does not prove the theory that Germans love David Hasselhoff at all.
Or so I would have you believe…


Ron Burgundy No GIF

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Or has been done by fans, into a Transformer:

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Well done internet. :heart:

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Er kommt. Knight Rider. Ein Auto. Ein Computer. Ein Mann. Ein mann und sein auto kämpfen gegen das unrecht

He Comes. Knight Rider. One auto. One computer. One Man. The man and his auto struggle against injustice.

Outstanding. So hard and technical. So stereotypically German. Just perfect for the show.


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