Hungarian Knight Rider




BONUS. Punjabi Knight RIder


Yeah, well - any reason why Hungary should have been spared?


I had the pleasure of traveling through Austria, Switzerland, and Germany when Knight Rider was the most popular show on television in those countries. One night I caught an appearance by Hasselhoff on a TV variety show, singing a sappy song whose entire lyrics seemed to consist of, “It’s the first car that talks to me!” Then KIT rolled onto the stage and it was painfully obvious who Europeans considered the real star.


Whatever language, it´s a killer theme.


“KIT, Kumpel, ich brauche Dich in zehn Minuten draußen!”
“Whoosh woosh”




Find some “Harry, hol’ schon mal den Wagen”, please.


Yup, this is how I used to watch the show back in the day, at least during the summer. To me this is just how the show is.

I think the narrator does a decent job of trying to navigate tortuous English pronunciation using the phonological resources of Hungarian. And of course he needs to read out the actors’ names, how else would we connect them to the relevant dubbing voice actor? :wink:


This reminds me of “Izland Cop” in the Cybil Sheppard Show.


Why doesn’t the Hungarian version say “A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man… who does not exist.”? That’s the greatest tagline in television history.


Still love French A-Team:
Agence du Risque


Back in the era before global warming, people needed enormous hair to keep them warm.


I will not buy this record, it is scratched. My hovercraft is full of eels.


OK, that track is one I’ve gotta steal. Or buy


Even before I clicked play the term “punjabi knight rider” made me think of Panjabi MC, which is what this track is. The full name is “Mundian To Bach Ke”: here’s the video:


I was fortunate to visit Hungary in 2004… we walked into our accommodation and turned on the tv… I was blessed to see a few mins of the Simpsons dubbed into Hungarian. I understand some Hungarian… my goodness, the Hungarian psyche of depressed violence and sullen hatred came across perfectly. The characters absolutely loathed and wanted to kill each other. Their dead voices bludgeoned. Not one piece of humour made the translation. Its was absolutely suicidal. I cannot imagine what Hungarians thought of this show that was so popular in America. It sucked really bad.


Wasn’t it, “Kit, fahr schon mal den Wagen vor”


Yeah, old piece of american shit shows used to be really popular in Hungary, we had to suffer a lot…
Knight Rider is still a guilty pleasure for most, here is a hungarian folk band’s funny gig promotion using the show’s characters:


Indeed. Delibes even had a stab at it: