More than you ever wanted to know about 'Knight Rider'

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The best thing about “Knight Rider” for me was William Daniels.


Toy Galaxy consistently makes great pop culture candy. I love that channel!

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“More than I ever wanted to know about ‘Knight Rider’” is an exceedingly low bar, just sayin


I was walking down Bloor St, Toronto, ~2008, and as if from the heavens found myself surrounded by signs saying I could get my photo with KITT! I would have paid $20, but it was free, but it was a ‘reboot’ ‘KITT’ with some lame modern car. They were hoping for photo-op advertisement, but I started walking double speed because I didn’t want to be seen near it. Looking back over my shoulder I realized I needn’t have bothered because nobody would acknowledge its existence. Countless shows have used vintage cars to great effect, what the hell made them think they could do better than the original KITT?


Because the 2008 reboot involved a lucrative endorsement deal with Ford Motor Company. I gave that show a wide berth (as did most people, judging by the ratings) but apparently the new KITT was some kind of transformer that could change itself into no fewer than six kinds of late-model Ford vehicles, including a pickup truck. Nooope.


I guess all the chase scenes were on straight roads, then?

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