Amazing beer wall map


Some time ago I read a pretty detailed explanation of why certain beers should be served in specific types of glasses, although the list wasn’t nearly as comprehensive as this. There were very good reasons. I would like to know, though, why the ideal serving glass for Vienna lager is a beer boot.

No Anchor?

I was all set to order, I’d entered my address, after checking that they did ship to Canada.

Then I got to the payment page, to find out that shipping was $104, on a $90 item (no indication of a special $80 pre-order price…)

$90 + maybe $20 of shipping (they’re shipping it in a cardboard tube, not a heavy wooden crate, come on!) was a reasonable price for me (would have made a great present for my dad, who has a store where he sells ingredients and equipment for making homemade wine and beer) but paying more on shipping than for the actual product on an already expensive item… I just can’t bring myself to do it.

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If that’s supposed to be a chart of styles, it’s poorly organized. If it’s supposed to be a chart of brands, it’s incomplete.


Thanks for the heads up on shipping information.

It does say free shipping within United States, but us foreigners are paying an exorbitant amount for shipping.

Gueze in an flute glass? serious?
If he ever comes to Brussels i’ll be happy to show him the proper way to dink Gueze and Kriek :slight_smile:

Going to my local beer seller I’ve asked the same thing several times. In my head I hear you asking that with as much frustration and anger as I do.

Anchor Steam is in there if that is what you are referring to.

Seems very North American centred.

For instance, it lists 5 “Kolsch” brands - 4 of which are not from Germany, much less Cologne, and so by definition not Kolsch. (There are a couple dozen Kolsch breweries in Cologne, it’s not like they needed to include US ones to pad out the numbers)


Agreed. “Maui Bikini Blonde” and “Stoudt’s Gold Lager” are Munich Lagers? But not actual lagers from Munich like Paulaner or Hacker-Pschorr?


Based on a true story.

More like “Inspired by true events”

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I have their Giant-Size Omnibus of Superpowers chart. It’s pretty awesome.

Right you are. I’ll amend to Anchor under-represented. IMO, they kickstarted an American Beer renaissance, and currently make excellent beers in many of the classes listed here. I think a chart like this is doomed, by design. There are so many brands, in so many categories that trying for inclusiveness is a fool’s gambit.

Apologies to non-US beer fans who are interested in ordering this. The reason the international shipping cost is $104 is because of the size of the box this print ships in–it’s 6x6x48, which leads to extra shipping fees. I assure you we’re not building in margin on international shipping. It’s just a very large package and expensive to ship. If you live in a metro area, however, we might be able to lower that shipping cost for you (shipping to a “hub” is usually cheaper than shipping to an outlying area). Email us at and we’ll see what we can do.


This is a really odd chart. It looks like it lists ‘a few beers I’ve heard of’. The English beer section (bitter, IPA, etc) is woefully incomplete. The German beer selection is bizarre. I would be afraid to show the Kolsch section to my neighbours, for the offence it would cause (beer is serious business around here). My Bavarian girlfriend shook her head at the weissbier section in disbelief. It’s just all wrong…

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