Amazing first wash in 10 years for a filthy car (video)

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I wanted to see the windows lowered just an inch to clean the edges. That’s always overlooked by the car wash and is the real mark of a fine detailing.


Yeah, know what you mean, I gave my car its annual bath, wax, and vacuuming a few weeks ago.

In the High Desert, your car can look like that in an hour or so…


Yeah, I usually love these videos but stopped after the intro. That’s a year in the garage in the northeast.


I can out-“Four Yorkshiremen” you on that: Luxury! I bought my car in 2010, and can guarantee that I have washed it no more than three times, and never waxed or vacuumed it.

(However, I am pretty good about taking it for regular maintenance, and the dealership or mechanic usually does a decent job of washing and vacuuming, so it’s not like I just put up with a filthy car.)


Don’t feel bad. EVERY car wash is JUST FINE!

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